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Austin Pratt likes Lake Ronix more than he likes Nachos, which is good for all of us. Enjoy some shredding from Austin.

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21 Responses to “Austin Pratt a.k.a Nachos”

  1. JP Says:

    Nice riding, but what’s up with these minute long intros to a four minute video? These kids want to look at themselves like they’re celebrities or something.

  2. LayLakeNinjas Says:

    Atta boy pratt dog!

  4. Justin Harrelson Says:

    The intro was brutal, but once it got to it, it was worth the wait.

  6. M ace Says:

    Riding is so insane…

  7. oh Says:

    closed after he ate a chip with a zit

  9. BxB Says:

    intro was shit. ruined the video

  10. jerryspringer Says:

    if i see these same rails that looked like shit the first time i saw them i am going to shit a brick. its not cool to shred anything from redbutt wake dick and i dont want to see a floppy tarp blowing in the wind. please no more!!!! ewwww.

  11. constructive criticism Says:

    Ronix: take these comments as advice. Wake parade is about the obstacles and set up you have, not about the fact that you have a fake beach 30 min from a real beach. The intro didnt make the park look cool, riders shredding the park made it look cool.

    As far as the riding goes, everything was very simple, and full of hucking and gaping. Lets get some tech going on. Who cares if your not zeaching a tail press front or back 3 if your coming off a rail 3 feet high or more. Do something legit ONTO a rail.

    Not saying the video was bad or anything. Just got pretty boring, pretty quick, same old austin and lake ronix. Definitely some crazy skill from this kid from what i’ve seen so far. Not to mention a pretty great style he has as well. Looking forward to seeing this kid develop into a more well rounded rider. Keep shredding hard and having fun!

  12. constructive criticism Says:


  13. Who cares..... Says:

    Jerry springer and constructive criticism should go bowling or to a “wake parade” and let people who have fun Wakeboarding enjoy this and do bother us with ur “criticism”

  14. That Guy Says:

    Are you ass clowns baked off your minds? The intro wasn’t the best I’ll give you that. The riding though… Unreal. These rails are the only ones like this in the world for a damn good reason. They’re the most tech features out there and its cool to see all the different team members styles on them. Pratt rips, Ronix is the shit, and you all are stupid as shit. That is all carry on with your day

  15. Josh Says:

    Awesome riding! I’ll even agree that it was unreal riding!

    But I agree with a lot of the other comments. I cannot believe how bad that intro was. It was not cool and it was not funny (unless you think potentially alienating your fans/ customers is funny). It was such a bad intro that it definitely ruined the rest of the video.

  16. thishastostop Says:

    by far the worst intro I’ve seen in awhile but the riding was insane. those rails are huge and pack some serious consequences. I bet in person they would be very intimidating. Each hit was powerful with absolutely no zeaching. That double rail could honestly break every bone in your body with the slightest of error along with a 3.5 foot ollie. that park really can expose your weaknesses where zeaching a 270 on 450 out double nose press tail slam can’t save you. I love lake ronix videos

  17. wakeboarder Says:

    the intro was funny! good gosh ppl, no sense of humor

  18. Tunes Says:

    such a great edit and amazing style. go ronix. keep eating nachos pratt

  19. boomsmack Says:

    I liked the intro and those are some seriously advanced rails!

  20. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Haters going to hate. Got hate in your heart let it out

  21. Rob Corum Says:

    Looking good duders!


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