Austrian Wakeboard Cup 2009 presented by Raiffeisen Club

Daniel Fetz (AUT) and Eva Koch (GER) came 1st at the

jetlake International Stop in Feldkirchen / Austria

The first international stop of the Austrian Wakeboard Cup 2009 presented by Raiffeisen Club brought many international top-level Cable Wakeboarder back to the jetlake. It was like a small comeback since the World Championships in 2006, as many riders from Germany joined the competition. There was the new German Champion Dominik Gührs, as well as Junior World Champion Moritz Petri or Wakeskate Pro Andy Kolb fighting for the 400 world ranking points. But finally it was local hero Daniel Fetz who took home the glory.

Dominik Gührs seemed to be the men to beat after dominating the qualification. In his first final run he landed a CrowMobe, a Mobius, Frontflip to blind as well as a toeside Backside 720 of the kicker. But Daniel “Fetzy” Fetz countered with a Mobius in both directions, a toeside Railey 360 and a massive Front Mobe in front of the crowd that put him into 1st position. When Dominik failed at his Mobius 540 in the second pass, nothing could stop Fetzy from getting the 400 world ranking points. Rene Rappl from Vienna turned 3rd.

In the Open Ladies division it was like a home game for Germany’s Eva Koch. Since 2003 she always returns to the jetlake as a coach at the Quiksilver Camps presented by ION. With a backroll to blind she showed the best trick in her division and came first in front of Astrid Schabransky and Julia Leber, both from Austria.

As expected Moritz Petri and Anna Laura Brabänder from Marburg/Germany won the Junior categories. Austria’s Manuel Kaltenbach came first in the boys division and the Masters class went to Hermann Emmer (AUT).

Never before at the Austrian Wakeboard Cup presented by Raiffeisen Club so many pro riders joined the Wakeskate divison showing such a high level. It was Jan Grabski (GER), 4th at the Worlds in the Philippines, who took home first place. Austrian Champion Kevin Cobb got second place right in front of Sandro Reinhardt from Augsburg/Germany.

During the Corona Wakeboard Party right on the jetlake area all the riders and fans celebrated together, looking forward to the European Championships coming up next week.

Open Men

1. Daniel Fetz WBC Feldkirchen / AUT
2. Dominik Gührs München / GER
3. Rene Rappl AWC Vienna / AUT
4. Gerald Maurer AWC Planksee / AUT
5. Stefan Lebwohl AWC Planksee / AUT

Open Women
1. Eva Koch München / GER
2. Astrid Schabransky WWSC Asten AuSee / AUT
3. Julia Leber WBC Feldkirchen / AUT

Junior Men
1. Moritz Petri Marburg / GER
2. Philipp Turba WWSC Asten AuSee / AUT
3. Emilio Epstein AWC Planksee / AUT

Junior Women
1. Anna L. Brabänder Marburg / GER
2. Lisa Turba Asten AuSee / AUT
3. Sina Deubel Marburg / GER

1. Manuel Kaltenbach WBC Feldkirchen / AUT
2. Nico Kauzner GER
3. Timo Kapl WBC Feldkirchen / AUT

1. Hermann Emmer WWSC Asten AuSee / AUT
2. Stefan Aichholzer WSC Ossiachersee / AUT
2. Chris Koch GER

1. Jan Grabski GER
2. Kevin Cobb AWC Planksee / AUT
3. Sandro Reinhardt Augsburg / GER


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