Sean Kilgus is back in town working on Bent Felix and he gave me a call to come hang out over at Danny and Rusty’s new place where he’s staying. The boys were planning on grilling some meat and hanging out. I’m always game for a good BBQ and beer, so I of course accepted the offer.
    Just as I pulled in to the guys’ driveway, Kilgus rode up on a bike. Apparently he’s into staying in shape or something. As always, Kilgus was sporting a clean-shaven bald head. Very rubbable. Rusty was working on getting the BBQ into operational status. As always, he was sporting a clean-shaven bald head. Also very rubbable. Then, inside the house I saw Danny, fresh off his victory from Qatar. He, too, was sporting a bald head, and this surprised me. Having recently shaved my own head in what may or may not have been a drunken bet gone bad, I was pretty stoked to see some fellow buzz-cuts. Actually, my clipper cutdown took place over a month ago, so I had more hair than these three stooges combined. After some bald headed chit-chat and the requisite skinhead colony jokes, it was time for grub.
    Kilgus and I made a quick run to the grocery store to get some meat for the grill, but it quickly turned into a shopping spree for all dietary needs and moods. In a house that contains Rusty, Danny and Kilgus, that’s a wide variety of stuff. Upon returning Rusty still hadn’t been able to get the BBQ going right, so him and Danny grilled the steaks and sausages up on the next-door-neighbor’s machine. Props to Danny for grilling some fine steaks and to Kilgus for his magic salsa recipe. We even ate corn on the cob and salad. Who says wakeboarders are totally unhealthy?
    After dinner Kilgus showed me a preview/teaser of the footage he got while filming for Bent Felix in Australia. I was blown away and am totally stoked to see the final product later this summer when Sean’s done filming. Judging from the little I’ve seen and Sean’s enthusiasm this one’s going to be awesome. Keep your eyes out for a story about Kilgus’ trip to Oz with Lyman and JD Webb in an upcoming issue of Alliance.