Battle of the Brands 2012

The Contenders

Byerly, CWB, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Ronix, Slingshot, Inland Surfer, Phase Five

What is it?

The biggest brands in wakeboarding are going head to head in a battle royale to find out who shall reign supreme in 2012. Hosted by evo of Seattle, this is going to be the (squirt gun) war to end all wars, or least a solid answer to the question of which brand rules them all. Nobody cares about the product more than the end user, that’s why we are giving you the chance to speak out and tell us why your brand is the best. The company with the most votes at the end of the Battle of the Brands will be crowned victorious.

$1000 Prize

Anybody can vote for their favorite brand but we are looking for true loyalty, this is why evo has decided to offer $1000 evo gift card to the person with the best review.  Why? Because we think if you take the time to write an awesome review then you should be able purchase a cool grand worth of the hottest wakeboard gear from your favorite brand at evo. That’s a lot of cheese!

evo has the best in the industry judging this so no wimpy, half ass reviews, we are looking for the raddest, most informative descriptions of why you think your favorite brand is the best.

Head over to evo to submit your vote and take a couple minutes to write a solid review on your preferred brand. Think of it like this, 2 minutes =$1000 = $30,000 /hr = Richer than Oprah.

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