Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, summertime is finally here, and with summer comes extreme heat and crazy sunburns. I can’t help you with the extreme heat part, but I do have some suggestions to prevent those crazy sunburns. They’re called the “Urban Turban” and the “Urban ‘not quite’ a Turban.” Both of these variations of sun protection can be created using nothing more than a spare t-shirt, and did I mention that the results are spectacular? Say goodbye to the raccoon eyes and nose peels, and don’t worry if you left the sunscreen behind!


After only a few short steps demonstrated above, you too can fight Basal Cell Carcinoma (one of the leading types of cancer for humans) all day long. It’s not just about looks here people, but functionality too. Just don’t wear this thing near the airport, I’ve heard it causes serious problems. Good luck and safe boating to all!