September 17th, 2013 by Submitted

Getting a photo in a magazine isn’t easy these days so it takes balls to get “the shot.” Here’s Graeme Burress making magic. Check out Graeme’s shot in the Oct/Nov issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine.

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7 Responses to “Behind the Shot – Graeme Burress”

  1. Michael Williams Says:

    Can’t see the videa. Says I don’t have permission

  2. Nice Says:

    Gaps with consequences, I like!

  3. Okay. Says:

    This video does not do justice to how crazy sketchy that gap is. You have to go to Wake Nation Cincy and check it out to fully appreciate it… insane

  4. Pete Says:

    Insane Graeme!

  6. boomsmack Says:

    that’s the type of rail ridin im talkin about!!

  7. Dave Says:



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