June 16th, 2011 by alliance

Option A- ran in new July Issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine

Photos and Text by: Jason Lee

I had done some shooting with Marc and Reeder the week before on that flat bar they have out there and they said they were going to rebuild a new rail to replace the rooftop that had been there for years. Once the rail was built Marc called me up and we went out one evening to shoot. It was Marc, Reeder, Chad and Ruck hitting the rail that day.

Option B

It was a pretty casual day, nothing specific was planned. We didn’t have a certain shot in mind or anything like that. It was just an evening of hanging out with the boys. A lot of times I might have a certain shot in mind that I want to get on a shoot, so I might ask a rider to try the same trick a few times, but this day I just kept to myself and walked around to shoot a few different angles.

Option C

7 Responses to “Behind The Shot: Marc Rossiter Back Tail”

  1. Awake Says:

    Option A cool shot

  2. Craig Calvank Says:

    In Option A is he being pulled by a submarine?

  3. Anthony Cote Says:

    option A hands down

  5. BOSESOUND Says:

    A with the sun a little lower would be super nice.

  6. huh? Says:

    you can’t back tail on a wakeboard

  7. Tom Says:

    you can hit a rail BACKside and do a TAILslide…


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