Thursday, September 28th marked the release of long-awaited wakeboard film, Bent Felix, presented by BFY productions. Directed by mastermind Sean Kilgus, Bent Felix was filmed entirely in 16mm. This year Sean and the gang wanted to do something different. Even though Sean was doubtful at first that he could turn out yet another top-notch wakeboard film, with getting such a late start and all. It ended up being better than anyone could have hoped. With epic footage from Australia and various locations around the globe Sean and his crew were able to capture the true essence of what wakeboarding really is aside from the big sponsor dollars and the stress of a contest.

To celebrate the release of Bent Felix, a premiere was held at Evo in Seattle, the home of good coffee and rainy days. In the shop it was business as usual up until premiere time, when the clothes were pushed into a corner and the boards set aside to make room as fans of all ages began to come out of the woodwork. People from all over the West Coast came out that night to just have a good time and enjoy some solid wakeboarding entertainment. Rockstar Energy Drink even came out to raffle off a Rockstar fridge full of, well, you know. All in all the night was a huge success. Bent Felix was a hit, the drinks were close to free and not a single person left without a smile on their face or a Rockstar in their belly. Thanks to all the riders and sponsors that came out to the event and more importantly thanks to all the fans, you are appreciated more than you may ever know.