Thing to do behind a boat other than wakeboard or wakeskate:
Best: Paddle in surfing
Worst: Flying inner tubes! Remember those? I’m pretty sure a bunch of people died the first year and they became banned.

Contest you’ve ridden in:
Best: Wake Open
Worst: They’re pretty much all the same, but the worst conditions I’ve ridden was finals at Wakestock UK 2010. The wind was no joke gusting at 80 km/h, the tide was dead low, and it was freezing. England is a strange place.

Breakfast food:
Best: Smoothie
Worst: Sushi, that’d be weird.

Hair style you’ve had over the years:
Best: When I was a little kid I had a mean rat tail… that probably takes the cake
Worst: For a month or so I had a real weird fuzzy look going on. Growing your hair out can be tough, a lot of “in between” stages.

Thing about having Byerly as your boss:
Best: He sees things from a rider’s perspective. And he comes over and skates at my house, which is really cool.
Worst: He still rips, I dont think there is a “worst”.

Thing about wakeboarding right now:
Best: Bigger wakes and better features at parks.
Worst: The classy gas that bigger boats and bigger engines need to make these bigger wakes.

Thing about wakeskating right now:
Best: Battle Falls
Worst: Hardflips not looking like hardflips

Way to spin a 1080:
Best: Wrapped up, really big, good grab, controlled spin. It hasn’t been done yet.
Worst: Using the “pull and pray” method.

Way to spend $1,000:
Best: For me right now $150 of it would be going towards my WWA membership. The perks of having a “Pro Card”
Worst: Buying workout tapes

Part of filming regularly for Wake Brothers:
Best: Hanging out with the homies.
Worst: Breaking up fights between Bob and Phil

Wakeboard video of all time:
Best: Incomplete
Worst: O’Brien Overdue, it wasn’t good (laughs)

Best: Yellow Lab
Worst: Venomous snake. I’ve watched a few episodes of Fatal Attractions, and it just doesnt seem like a good idea.

Way to spend an off-season:
Best: Surfing and with good people
Worst: Being injured

Car you’ve owned:
Best: 1986 Grand Marquis. Picked her up from my Uncle Ron. Such a beauty.
Worst: I guess technically the Silverado I’m driving right now is the worst car I’ve owned, I just dont really care about cars that much.

Pickup line:
Best: A couple of my friends are gonna burn this place down, wanna get outta here?
Worst: My ex-girlfriend wore shirts like that