December 24th, 2010 by alliance

The title says it best.

The title says it best.

22 Responses to “Best Of: Andrew Adams”

  1. adam silcio Says:


  2. yessir. Says:

    I don’t care that these guys stick to winching, i think its good for wakeboarding and its rad they are pushing it to these spots. go shredtown.

  4. Haha Says:

    Should have just named this video “I love myself.”

  5. nateperry Says:

    that was dope son.

  7. kaesen suyderhoud Says:

    chikity chea!

  8. conb Says:

    this is sick. fuck haters. one love wakepeople

  9. again? Says:

    these guys ever do anything different?

  10. The Truth Says:

    How is wakeskating with bindings not different? Don’t you keep up with the industry, these guys are innovators, all over the mags!

  11. EdgarPerez Says:

    can I say Vincent Knapp & Ben Horan style together in one guy .. get your on GTL

  12. pwn daddy Says:

    dam those flop jams and wackboard taps and tail press slides were so sickkkkk
    glad to be a wakeskater

  13. shit yeah! Says:

    These guy Kick Ass! Keep doing your thing guys the video’s are sick! How about a best of Davis and Best of Chris to take us through the new year…?

  14. Yea shredtown Says:

    Sick! Why the F isn’t shredtown filming with backpack cams? Probably saving all those angles for full length maybe?

  15. gay Says:

    haha here comes the backpack cam convo again, hey we all know the whole shredtown crew is just biting snowboarding style like lucas magoon, C bradshaw all the gangster snowboarders who wear baggie clothes and kill it on rails, there just trying to bring a different style into wakeboarding besides mobies, and spinnies, and flippies, and fashion airs. hahaha just add a little of your own style shredtown, and really guys they rip on rails, love to watch any shit talker on shredtown try some of these spots and tricks. really id rather watch a bunch of posers get crazy winching, then a dam pwt contest, same shit same runs same people.

  16. jack Says:

    kangaroos are sweet.

  18. Reeder Says:

    This is sick. Keep up the good work Andrew! cant wait for the “best of ” Chris to drop. shut all these peeps up.

  19. GH Says:

    these ppl don’t need to be shut up bc i can’t even hear em.

    Rise up! Nice Vid.

  20. yessir. Says:

    its good that they are looking to snowboarding to get some rail ideas/tricks, wakeboarders that do a 540 spinner deaner on a rail look like rollerbladers..

  21. yo Says:

    a lot of these spots have been featured within the LA SEWER videos.

  22. Bruce Thompson Says:

    I WANT this song, i cant believe some people dislike this guys, i’m a wakeskater and love what they do!!


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