December 28th, 2010 by alliance

The title says it best.

The title says it best.

12 Responses to “Best of Chris Abadie”

  1. Chris Hopf Says:

    Geeeze…Chris ollies higher than most doods can shred behind the boat.. hahaha.. Awesome vid and sweet riding.. Can’t wait for the full length!

  2. nateperry Says:

    with the sickness. snausages

  3. Luker Says:

    wakeskaters wear shredtown pajamas

  4. yessir. Says:

    back tail on that white rail, out reg. was so legit. thanks shredtown

  5. GH Says:

    that rail at the beginning is too low…..

  6. Gingerbread Says:

    Sickest edit ever. Shredtown is the tits! LEGIT.

  7. adam silcio Says:

    that dude kills it behind boat and winch. f*ck the naysayers cause they don’t mean a thing

  8. Reeder Says:

    thats what im talking about!

  9. nic aldinger Says:

    that was soooooo sick! love seeing all these new ways or hitting rails and crates haha

  10. NewbieWake Says:

    Whatttttt, so many winching videos lately! This wakeskate video was sick but I’m confused! What are those things hold his feet to the board?

  11. simon Says:

    looks like snowboarding…fins are for fish

  12. Eric Says:

    So Sick! Nice to see some all around riding instead of all boat or all rails or all air tricks


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