Bob Soven Spy

Time of day:

B: Early morning, can’t beat Florida’s fresh morning humidity!

W: Past 2 am, nothing good happens after 2 am.


Vehicle you’ve owned:

B: 9 foot jon boat with a 15 hp yamaha engine, I got it off craigslist and its been my pride and joy since.

W: My caddilac CTS, which I am currently driving. It was an impulse purchase and not ideal for my situation (wakeboards) or persona (minimalist).


Things about retiring from your basketball career:

B: My knees and ankles feel like I’m 10 years old again!

W: I’ve fallen out of touch with the local hommies


Trends in wake:

B: People caring about style

W: Narrow stance…suck a $&*$ Dylan and Dustin!


Fast food option:

B: Chipotle, I like to think of that place as a gift from the Mexican Gods

W: Krystal Burgers, who would ever eat there?


Feature at OWC:

B: Henshaw rail- It’s whirly transfer proof

W: Nessie-Kicker to bank is the exception for that feature


Movie you’ve seen recently:

B: Beautiful Mind-Russel Crowe in the role of a lifetime if you ask me.

W: Splice-If you ever stumble across this movie on TV or HBO  don’t watch it!


Things about having Phil as a sibling:

B: There will always be someone that can’t stand to lose to me, kind of makes you feel wanted you know?

W: I have to hear about all the things Phil says on the PWT


Tricks in Wakeboarding right now:

B: Mitch Langfield’s straight jacket toe back 9

W: Austin Hair’s toe 7


Things about being an athletic ginger:

B: I can literally go all day, wake, cable, swim, basketball (before retirement) and not get tired.

W: I get minor injuries quite often because I go and go until I can’t go anymore


Things about being a Magic fan:

B: I really feel like I am a part of the team, I analyze every game as if I were coach, I take my findings and tweet them at the Orlando Magic organization.

W: There is no worst, 2013-2014 is our championship season!


Part of being a student at UCF:

B: I have a career plan after this whole wakeboard thing is over haha

W: I may be going slightly crazy from trying to do to much