Recently signed to Hyperlite, get to know a bit about Gold Coast ripper Brad Teunissen via his Best & Worst interview!


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Time of day:

Best: Late in the afternoon when the sun is just about to set and you are on the lake with your friends…there’s nothing better!

Worst: Probably the middle of the day when the sun is up, it’s super hot and it seems like every boat in the world is on the water.


Boat you’ve owned:

Best: My Supra Sa550 is the best boat I have ever had by far! I love it!

Worst: Would have to be the first boat we ever had as a family. It was this outboard Haines Hunter skiing boat and it was so hard to get back into haha. It went fast though!


Trends in wake:

Best: Wake Zeach. There has been so much controversy on zeaching and sometimes they go to far but it really has made the sport more legit today.

Worst: Wearing boardies over a wetsuit!!




Fast food option:

Best: Chipotle by a long shot! We don’t have it in Australia so we have to make the most of it when we are in the States!

Worst: McDonald’s…just really not a fan haha.


Feature at OWC:

Best: It would be super close between Henshaw and the Pool Gap but I would have to choose The Henshaw. It is so much fun and there are so many different lines you can choose from.

Worst: Nessie…I just never really hit it.


Movie you’ve seen recently:

Best: Frozen! Love those Disney movies!!

Worst: That new Anchorman movie. I mean it was good but was just no way near as funny as the first one.


Tricks in wakeboarding right now:

Best: The best tricks in wakeboarding right now are ones that no one else is doing. My brother just did a mute back mobe 5 which was insane but still looked so stylish, and then any of Dowdy’s double flips amaze me…so clean and perfect!

Worst: Would have to be the whirlybird. I admit it’s a good trick for contests and everything but whirlybirds just don’t look good.


Way to pass time on a long flight:

Best: Sleep, if you can sleep for a solid 8 hours all you have to do is watch maybe 1 and a half movies and you will be walking off that plane!

Worst: Staying awake, or sitting next to a person that either snores or puts their head on you.


Activity in the off-season:

Best: Surfing! I have been really getting into surfing lately! It’s so much fun!

Worst: Riding scooters, I don’t ride scooters but I can imagine it would be horrible!


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