August 21st, 2013 by Josh Palma


Thing about living in the States:
Best: Eating all the yummy food
Worst: Eating all the yummy food

Time of day:
Best: Wakeboard time
Worst: Anytime between 4 and 9 am

Vehicle you’ve owned:
Best: Audi S4
Worst: My bike

Thing about living with Shota:
Best: Every time he speaks I can’t help but laugh
Worst: He is the laziest man I know

Trends in wake:
Best: Wetsuits with board shorts
Worst: Team munted

Fast food option:
Best: Chick-fil-a
Worst: Taco Bell

Feature at OWC:
Best: Henshaw
Worst: That stupid nesse thing

Movie you’ve seen recently:
Best: Despicable Me 2
Worst: We’re the Millers

Genre of music:
Best: All Spanish music
Worst: Reggae

Tricks in wakeboarding right now:
Best: Double flips
Worst: All the juniors straight legged 7’s

Way to pass time on a long flight:
Best: Sleep
Worst: Sitting between 2 fat ghetto ladies


4 Responses to “Best & Worst: Harley Clifford”

  1. Fat Ghetto Lady Says:

    ImA eat you for lunch!

  2. huh? Says:

    What is team munted?

  3. other fat ghetto lady Says:

    ummmhmmm. that a’int what you had said on OUR flight little boy.

  4. johnpaul Says:

    wetsuits with boardshorts? probably the gayest thing a person can do. maybe diff for wake, but if i saw somewherere doing that surfing its a clear indication of beginner kook


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