Photo Courtesy: Boca Raton Photography and Design

Thing about living down south:
Best: Having a perfect set up and an amazing coach. (Dean Lavelle)
Worst: Not getting to ride with everyone in Orlando.

Time of day:
Best: 12:55 (the minute I get out of school)
Worst: 6am

Boat you’ve owned:
Best: Centurion Enzo 244
Worst: Seadoo jet boat

Thing about being a ginger:
Best: The ladies that love it.
Worst: The ladies that hate it.

Trends in wake:
Best: Team munted
Worst: Board shorts with wet suits.

Fast food option:
Best: Chick-fil-a
Worst: Burger King

Feature at OWC:
Best: Henshaw or pool gap
Worst: Nessie

Movie you’ve seen recently:
Best: Bridesmaids
Worst: Human Centipede trailer

Tricks in wakeboarding right now:
Best: Double flips and stylish grabs
Worst: Tootsie rolls

Way to pass time on a long flight:
Best: Movies
Worst: Watching the moving map

Activity in the off-season:
Best: Surfing
Worst: School


Photo Courtesy: Boca Raton Photography and Design