May 16th, 2013 by Josh Palma


Socks, T-shirt, headband… the new trend in wake fashion  Photo: Garrett Cortese

Fast food option:

Best: Chik-Fil-A

Worst: McDonald’s


Spot to grab on your board:

Best: Method or Japan air

Worst: Roast Beef


One of Robby’s favorite places to grab his wakeboard – the method. Photo: Garrett Cortese

Thing about being in a romantic relationship:

Best: I can watch romantic movies and pretend like I know what they’re talking about

Worst: Becoming poorer and poorer by the day


Trend in wakeboarding:

Best: New everything…. boats, tricks, cables, rails, riding styles, etc.

Worst: All the negative comments about people trying to do things differently and grow the sport


Feature at OWC:

Best: It’s close between the pool and Henshaw’s rail, depends on the day!

Worst: I wasn’t paying attention and fell when I hit a turn buoy once, so I’m gonna go with that!


Way to pass time on a long flight:

Best: Movies and sleep

Worst: Trying to do homework. It never gets done


Movie you’ve seen recently:

Best: Our Idiot Brother

Worst: Spring Breakers


Video game system:

Best: Xbox

Worst: Xbox


Song on your iPhone right now:

Best: “Palace” by A$AP Rocky

Worst: I don’t jam to any nonsense…


Double flip:

Best: Dowdy’s double roll to blind

Worst: An ungrabbed one


Thing about getting your driver’s license:

Best: Freedom! Being able to cruise wherever, whenever

Worst: My car smells like wet wakeboards with a strong hint of gasoline


Thing about riding with Dowdy on the reg:

Best: Being able to ride with one of the best dudes in wakeboarding and have him push you to be your best

Worst: Watching him go kill it and then riding right after… it’s a bit of a confidence killer, haha!


Robby, apparently working on his confidence… Photo: Garrett Cortese

5 Responses to “Best & Worst: Robby Holihan”

  1. Haze Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the answer about all the negative comments. I’m all for constructive criticism but I don’t think people realize that they are just shooting down certain peoples creativity. It’s like brainstorming for a great idea, not all the ideas leading up to it are going to be great. It’s fun trying different stuff and when you eventually come across something great it’s even sweeter.

  2. Justin H. Says:

    +1 for Haze’s comment.

  3. Steve Says:

    how about ungrabbed single flips, thats what i do, are those cool?

  4. Justin H. Says:

    Steve, attitude is everything. A straight backroll with a goofy grin is better than most any grab out there in my opinion. I love watching strong riders do their thing, but good vibes is how you get in my crew.

  5. pat Says:

    can i come ride with youz guyz?


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