March 14th, 2014 by Josh Palma


Photo: Cortese

Thing about living in Orlando:

B: There are so many different lakes throughout the city making it easy and fun to go ride with different people everyday.

W: Too many people here wakeboard so when you do go to one of the 500 lakes you’re bound to be dealing with crowds


Time of day:

B: Late morning

W: Early morning


Boat you’ve owned:

B: My current boat, 2014 nautique G23

W: 1991 outboard chaparral
Trends in wake:

B: Double flips

W: Super narrow stances


Fast food option:

B: In n Out, wish they had one in Orlando though!!

W: White Castle


Feature at OWC:

B: Henshaw Rail

W: Nessy


Movie you’ve seen recently:

B: Wolf on Wall St

W: Anchor Man 2


Tricks in wakeboarding right now:

B: Dowdy’s plethora of double flips, kid is on another level

W: Overspinning or dancing on rails


Way to pass time on a long flight:

B: Sleep

W: Forgetting your headphones and all of your electronics having a dead battery
Activity in the off-season:

B: Golf

W: Training



Photo Cred: Billabong



Photo Cred: Nautiques

10 Responses to “Best & Worst: Shawn Watson”

  1. mick Says:

    Alliance needs to shoot a watson edit soon!

  2. Bob Says:

    Watson just needs to throw in the towel. He was a respected rider back in the day but hasn’t been pushing the sport AT ALL in the last few years. Almost every rider can do the tricks he does and many of them do it with just as much if not more style

  3. jon Says:

    For a guy who makes his living off wake, it would seem crazy to complain about too many people wakeboarding.

  4. dan Says:

    I think he should focus on putting out a part. Not just web but hopefully link up with someone shooting a full length. Watson is timeless and fuck bob for saying throw in the towel. Maybe he isn’t double flipping but thats no reason for him to stop riding. he’s done way more for the sport than most people in this industry!

  5. Dorthy Mantooth Says:

    Watson suuuuuuucks.. Too many people wakeboard there because guys like you dont know when to quit

  6. Landon Phillips Says:

    It’s unfortunate there are so many haters in this sport – ruins all of the positive vibes. Pros like Watson are the founders of the sport and deserve respect, regardless of age, standings, or riding ability. Respect the sport and the people, and you’ll receive the same. The sport and all of its sponsors respect CHARACTER, not characters.

  7. boomsmack Says:

    he may not be as infuencial now but hes still darn good and has wayyyy better style than most jrs now.

  8. Chantal Says:

    WOW, I am unpleasantly amazed day in and day out how super nasty people can be, sure have an opinion but don’t be a dick about it

  9. Carson Fuller Says:

    Keep shredding Watson! The majority still loves your style and swagger! You’ll always be legendary and we thank you for that!!!

  10. Jose Carlos Rosa Says:

    Why would any one quit? Everyone hating is just jealous


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