We left Grant’s Pass with two goals: get to Lake Shasta without having to stop 25 times for Jeff to pee and to find a chase boat to film the riding from.  The latter mission actually helped the first (Jeff was too busy calling everyone he knew in Redding to realize that his child-sized bladder was full).  After several attempts to “pirate” a chase boat, Jeff finally reached a buddy of his named Ryan Schupert.  Thankfully, Ryan rolled out to Shasta with two ladies, his boat, and a whole bunch of sacks to weight down the Malibu. Jeff was really proud of his star power and ability to acquire a chase boat.  Everyone else was proud of the fact that he did not pee in his pants.  I was proud of myself as well – I was able to consume more Red Bulls before noon than any other day on the trip.  I had 4. I was bro-ing harder than anyone else for sure and luckily my camera work was not too shaky.

We rode around Shasta for about an hour looking for glassy water but it seemed like every time we got to a nice, buttery finger we were bombarded by old outboards with tubes swinging around behind.   Staker and I were nervous that we would not get the footage we needed but in the end it all worked out.  As the sun began to set we found some amazing water.  Staker’s only concern now was another run in with Bigfoot.  Apparently, Bigfoot stayed at Lost Creek – it was probably for the best because I think Staker only had one pair of pants left to change into for the rest of the trip.  After reviewing the footage of our previous sighting at Lost Creek Lake we decided that we would be able to make a web video of the beast to share with our readers. Look out for it in the Video’s section in the next few days.

Once we finally got some good water the guys started killing it. Jeff stuck one of his first raleys (seriously, he’d never tried them before in his long and semi-illustrious career, but got the balls on this road trip), Mikey landed a switch toeside 720 and then a toeside 720 in sequence, and Aaron stuck a wrapped frontside stalefish 720.  The riding was probably the best thus far on what we have officially named “The Oregon Trail.”  It’s weird we decided to start calling the trip The Oregon Trail after we had already left Oregon. Oh well. After the sunset we packed up and headed to In N’ Out for some double doubles and Garrett’s favorite – milkshakes.  Once Garrett was able to satisfy his taste buds with blended icec ream in a cup, we booked it to Aaron’s place in Sac-Town for an early morning ride before the guys go to the airport to head back to their respective home towns.  It is interesting to note that Staker challenged Jeff to a Sac-off in Sac-town. I think Staker won because of age and experience. Jeff is still claming it was rigged. Fortunately, I didn’t see anything so I couldn’t be the judge.