August 23rd, 2012 by alliance

Keeping the BROstock spirit alive, Liquid Force and Frends Headphones have teamed up to create a giveaway so massive everyone will want to win. So our pals at Liquid Force and Frends are giving away four prize packs full of hats, headphones, and water bottles. Since there will be four packages given away, your chances of winning are at higher odds! So make sure to enter TODAY!

For more info on Liquid Force and Frends visit and

And congratulations to Jason Hamborg, Dylan Justice, Edward Bergeron, Drew Schmidt, Alan Arriola, Drew McCullough, Leo Wondergem, Mikey Corcoran, Tom Doran, they are the winners of the MyPakage biweekly giveaway!

Prize Pack #1 – BROstock Hat, Frends Light Wire headphone, and Liquid Force water bottle

Prize Pack #2 – BROstock HatFrends Clip headphone, and Liquid Force water bottle

Prize Pack #3 – BROstock HatFrends Light Wire headphone, and Liquid Force water bottle

Prize Pack #4 – BROstock Hat and Frends Clip headphone

8 Responses to “Biweekly Giveaway – Liquid Force, Frends, BROstock”

  1. Jarrett Ragon Says:

    Bad A$$ prizes!!!

  2. Andrea Zaniolo Says:

    this is so awesome

  3. fraysse Says:

    Liquide force is the best for ride!!

  4. Cowan Vos Says:

    Number 3 looks amazing!!!

  5. Warda Says:

    OOOOOH!!! AWESOME SETS!!!! pack no. 1 looking sexxayyyyy!!!

  6. Thomas Langelo Says:

    Awesome stuff !! :o

  7. Emily Says:

    Hit me up with #4 please!!!!! :)

  8. Andrew McIlwean Says:

    This stuff is so freaking awesome. #3 please!!. HIT ME UP!


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