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Crank up your speakers!
The idea for this short film came up quite some time ago and last year’s fall we got together to realize it. The concept was simple: bringing the feeling of Rock onto the water. Nico and crew thrift shopped some dope ass clothes and spent a few days at Wakeboard Langenfeld to film for this clip. Five riders turning into beasts on the water. It was obvious that they would need an amazing song for this. And what would fit better than the band with the probably biggest influence on Rock, Led Zeppelin.

Directed, filmed and edited:
Mathias Kögel

Manu Rupp
Steffen Vollert
Brenton Priestley
Felix Georgii
Nico von Lerchenfeld

Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

Filmed with:
Red Epic
GoPro Hero3

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12 Responses to “Black Dog”

  1. Jojo Says:

    Best edit ever

  2. rock on Says:

    Led Method = fuk ya!

  3. Yeah Says:

    Whats that board Nicos riding?

  4. Ben Says:

    Kind of has a ‘box of fun’ feel to it if anybody remembers that video.. I like it

  5. Alex Says:

    It looks like Nico still likes the old peak because if you pause it at 0:57 you can see its the same board as last year just has a new graphic on it. My guess is that he doesn’t want to ride the “Deluxe” since Kevin’s name is now on it so this is probably a special Nico LTD Deluxe. Maybe we will see it in the film The Debut.

  7. mwp Says:

    Wakeboarders try way to hard to be cool

  8. mwp Says:

    *too cool for school

  9. nicovl Says:

    @Alex nice analysis on the board, it is an old Peak. Actually the prototype of a Peak from I think 3 years back. It was white on the top and I wanted to draw something on it for ages, and for this video finally had the motivation to do so. But you are wrong on all the rest, my shape for this year doesn’t have to do anything with the Deluxe, it is based on the old Peak but got a lot better! check out the rest of the story behind the film on my new Mag Mondays on!

  11. Chris Sinkic Says:

    Hands down best cable edit ever ! That was awesome !

  12. kyle Says:

    the guy that made this video should be the only guy allowed to make cable videos


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