Board Nation is a wakeboard cable park located at 2829 West Isabella Rd Midland, MI 48640. We currently have a four acre pond where people can ride the cable across the pond. They have the options of hitting  jumps or rails on the wakeboard.  We put in a beach area so that others can come and relax while watching others in the water. We are also a Hyperlite and Slingshot dealer for anyone who may be interested in purchasing their own equipment.

Along with the water we have a mini ramp for skateboarders to come and ride, or ride while you are waiting for your turn. In the future we are looking at building an indoor skate park for the skateboarders who want to skateboard all year long. Also in the winter time we will have a snowboarding terrain park.

Board Nation  is a fun place for everyone to come out and learn a new sport or to improve their skills. Board Nation is a family owned and operated business.