tim nixon

“Most Canadians are familiar with the term “hat trick” from hockey. It is when a player scores three goals in a row. Canadians now have a new form of a hat trick and that is when wakeboarders open three System 2.0 parks in a row.

Yes Boarder Pass has accomplished the wakeboarders’s hat trick and they will be opening their third installation here in the coming weeks. Boarder Pass Hamilton will join Boarder Pass Sarnia and Boarder Pass Niagara in Ontario’s growing wake park scene.

Founders Tim Nixon and Chris Smith said about the Hat Trick “this is only the beginning… We’d also like to add a huge thanks to our sponsors and customers. Obviously we couldn’t be where we are without the constant help and support from Sesitec. And a huge shout our to Rockstar Energy, Liquid Force, Fox, and Dragon Apparel.”

For more information on riding at one of the three Boarder Pass locations check them out on the world wide web: