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Sundays are usually jam-packed with fun, and the chances of wakesurfing are high due to crowded waterways and rough seas. Watch and learn as Keenan schools us all in this sunday bonus video.

11 Responses to “Boat Surfing 101: Keenan Flegel”

  1. merryblakue Says:

    da fuq was this?

  2. john Says:

    more wakeboarding….. less wakesurfing….. please…..

  3. Ian Smith Says:

    daaang! kid is killin it on the wakesurf!

  5. Drew Says:

    Jealous/loser talk below..
    Sick video! Shredding it up behind the Enzo

  6. derrrrelll Says:

    @Drew… Wakesurfing is for rich kids who can’t wakeboard and 35-50+ year old men in their mid-life crisis. It doesnt belong on a wakeboarding website

  7. bluegrass wake Says:

    where was his beer? I thought people are required to drink beer while wakesurfing

  8. likestosurf Says:

    @derrrrelll Wakesurfing is injecting a lot of cash into the wakeboard industry at the moment so amazing pro riders like you can make a living doing what they love. Plus it’s fun to cruise into the sunset or to get some time in on the water after blowing out your 2nd knee………

  9. zzz Says:

    good video. nothing compares to what surfers cody thompson, jake mcguire, and the north florida crew can do behind a wake.

  10. Eduardo Says:

    Thank you for change the name for Boat Surfing!!
    Wakeboard is awesome, but Surf is the God Father of all boards sports.
    If we can surf behind a boat it’s also awesome, do not compare sports that totally differents.

  11. learning things online Says:

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