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The pressure is on. Bob must get the shot today for his Liquid Force ad. Fun and games quickly turns sour when Bob has one of his worst crashes to date. Blood and dirty water wont stop Bob Soven though.
Produced: Collin Harrington
Music: I’ve Beeen Everywhere by: Johnny Cash
Ain’t No Surprise by: Leopold and His Fiction

23 Responses to “Bob Soven – Deadline Day”

  1. wakelife Says:

    Bob is the man! Hands down coolest dude and rider on the planet

  2. Austin T. Says:

    I think Bob is the only rider that kills it on the boat, cable, winch and life

  3. Steve Says:

    sketch to sketch to sketch to sick shot that makes me want to ride

  4. hmm Says:

    so he counted that zeach?

  5. pat Says:

    goofball! sick pro model, bob, dont grow up!

  6. chad Says:

    skate wax would have saved him a few of those catchs on the concrete.

  7. login Says:

    2:48. Slam of the year. Can’t believe he didn’t get mangled.

  8. Yah bob Says:

    Commenting with “zeach” is like commenting with “im a huge douche”. This is waleboarding, do it the way you want to do it.. The shot it dope. Cajones required

  9. Yah bob Says:

    Let me quess, now youre gonna comment on my typo.. Right?

  10. dudeman Says:

    haha, waleboarding. getsome!

  11. Hmm Says:

    It’s a photo of a noseblunt and he sides into some sort of boardlide and slips off after touching down into a noseblunt. I’m just asking that pros keep their standards high. I was pumped when I saw the photo, but a little dissapointed to see the video.

  12. Yah Bobb Says:

    ok man.. I’ve pretty much got you figured out… you’re probably responsible for about 90% of every b.s. hater comment on alliance. you’ve got this lame ‘zeacher’ website that you waste your time posting screen shots of what you suspect to be bad style

    nobody’s using a effin protractor here man. you’ve obviously never rode behind a which before, let alone launched off a rail into a concrete wall. get a life man, and take all your ‘zeachy’ bullshit somewhere else…

  13. Jamie Segner Says:

    Bob kills it all around

  14. hmm Says:

    Let’s not scrutinize each other when we should be scrutinizing professional athletes ability to hold a decent noseblunt. I like bob, I was just a little sad when I saw that the photo was a little misleading. That’s all.

  15. login Says:

    I agree with Hmm

  16. Yah bob Says:

    Youre the worst. Hes goin out there getting all muddy and broke off like that, and you’re gonna comment from your comfy desk chair that its not legit? Check out his hit at 4:06, probably the cleanest take imo. Saying its less than legit is seriously splitting hairs. You must really hate wakeboarding

  17. cactusjib Says:

    Agreed. The hit at 4:06 was legit. Overall a sick shot and vid. A real showcase of Bobs character. Even when he’s getting pounded he still has a positive attitude.

  18. pat Says:

    login and hmm are the same person i bet, sons o bee-i-itches
    and lmfao about the zeacher website, i can picture that shit now hahaha

  19. Hmm Says:

    4:06 wasn’t the trick in the ad.

  20. Yah bob Says:

    Youre just a sorry hater. Its a real shame that you choose to contaminate all these webpages on a daily basis with your trash talk. Get bent

  21. cactusjib Says:

    Freeze the vid at 4:08. Same trick buttface….

  22. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    dam bobby, that was brutal!

  23. Rich Says:

    A zeach is when you do a grind at a 45ish degree angle. It has nothing do with anything else. It is in reference to Zach Leach (pro snowboarder) who used to to 45 degree grinds in contests a lot. This picture and shots are at or very close to 90 degrees. This means it WAS NOT a zeach.

    Loved the dedication in the vid and how the shot turned out.


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