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The Breddas crew has been hard at work this summer creating new setups to jib. Here’s a quick look at all their hard work.

Video from scalk388

32 Responses to “Breddas Summer Edit”

  2. Squirtel Says:

    I think Breddas should add another member to their team=JUSTIN BIEBER! no but seriously that was really gay

  3. Breddas Says:

    What do you think was gay about it Squirtel?

  4. Buddy Brett Says:

    Such a cool setup!

  5. Justin H. Says:

    Fierce work guys. Keep doing what your doing.

  6. system2.0 Says:

    2.0’s and backyard setups are the greatest thing happening to wakeboarding right now (cable in general). Wakeskate is pushing it hard and wakeboard is not far behind. Love these setups!!

  7. Seriously Says:

    Someone that used the name “Squirtel” just called THAT gay? hmm.

    Video was good. Always love how much fun these dudes have when they ride. Plus, the setup is incredibly sick.

  8. Alex Brennan Says:

    Cool song! And was that a batwing rewind or something?? Mad cool

  9. Stuart Says:

    Ya Squirtel, man up and tell the Breddas directly what you think was gay about their edit. Then post some edit you’ve done and let them tell you how gay your tantrums and zeach presses look. Hahaha!!!

  10. bobby Says:

    That new board looks too much like the original baker imo

  11. Josh Says:

    I’ve never been that into watching cable riding but the Breddas are so fun to watch ride!!! Keep it up!

  12. hahaha Says:

    they uploaded it to you tube as “high level wake boarding”

  13. yolo Says:

    if the “breddas never hit rails again I think the entire wakeboard industry would be better off. and yes breddas are almost as cool as justin beiber…

  14. breddasisgay Says:

    once again, alliance really needs to understand that being exclusive when putting up web videos will benefit them in the long run. not any content is good content.

  15. Squirtel Says:

    Ride boat or you will never get respect

  16. FranceLogin Says:

    C’mon, why are all you guys complaining about Breddas as they are f***ing awesome, and yes “Squirtel” they also know how to shred boat, most probably better than you, and just because you are too ignorant to look it up on internet doesn’t mean they are gay, I mean it’s being all around rider, that’s what makes you cool and these guys are doing it better than most of the pros out there. And if anyone thinks he is sooo smooth, be my guest and make an edit yourself and get more views, publicity and respect than Breddas

  17. tbell Says:

    I know many don’t like their style of riding, but I always wonder if the fact that they ride Obrien makes it worse for the public. I love Obrien and love watching Breddas, but what if they rode Liquid? Would the general public see them as “cooler”?

  18. Max Says:

    I’ve filmed Mattias stomp a ts 9 wake to wake. It took him six tries. Your argument is invalid.

  19. John Dreiling Says:

    I dont really see why there is much hate on the video. Unlike the first few, there not zeaching while there in nose presses or board/lip slides. Yea they may have a few times where they spin early or dont completely stop spinning but they deffinetly shown a great deal of improvement and are still being super creative and having a good time. That’s what wakeboarding is about, improving and having a good time, and doing what you love. Keep killing it boys

  20. willie Says:

    am i the only one who thought the intro was hilarious

  21. Disappointed Says:

    The video is bad. Clearly. It looks like one of those bad 90’s things. But the fact that some of you think it is good is more disappointing. This is 2013! Are we not getting anywhere?! Are you really impressed by this?! This is a professional industry being displayed on a professional website!

  22. kyle Says:

    Kevin Henshaw aka WakeZeach .. lets hear it

  23. Antonio Says:

    Fact is, this is high level wakeboarding.
    People will always find something to hate on but to be honest there really aint nothing to hate about this one.

    They switched from wide ass boxes like everyone else is riding and started with snowboard rails, that’s awesome and that’s it, nothing more to add.

    They might not be the best rail riders but they haven’t claimed it either, it’s pretty much the first time they tried to make a rail edit and this is what they put out? That’s awesome and that’s it, nothing more to add.

    You might not know so much about marketing but these guys want people on youtube to watch their video, people who might not know that much about wakeboarding and don’t know all the right names and such, witch is why high level wakeboarding would be a good name, to have more people opening their eyes for the sport, I get their thinking, so should you.

    I like the edit and think it’s awesome, and I know this is only the beginning of what you guys are gonna throw down on a bunch of rails, can’t wait for future edits, it’s gonna be the bomb!

  24. Christina Johansson Says:

    High level as in HIGH RAILS … ANYONE?!

    And jealousy is a disease ..

  25. stelios Says:

    keep up the good work guys !!! as for the haters … get a life guys !!!

  26. Niclas Dahlgren Says:

    Haters gonna keep hating… PS, the Breddas baby sister just won wwa worlds championship, she is wiping all the hates asses. she is 16..

  27. Sweden Says:

    Breddas is the most awesome people ever.
    Thay know how to make the sport grow!!!
    Keep the good work up !!

  28. bro Says:

    i like the funny intro, double grab hs 7 was sick!

  29. Queezysteez Says:

    Its just a video. No need to call guys a buncha fags. There riding is sick.. no question

  30. Mattias H Says:

    Everybody just calm your #tits. This video got over 40k veiws and it cost us 5$ or less. My opinion totally worth it. No need to involve Justin beiber in this.
    And boat is bad for the environment<3
    Thanks everyone for helping us:)

  31. PPP Says:

    please is there a way to get some balance training at the breddas system next season. (maybe organize a wake camp) at least you got a handrail over 30 meter…. I believe that a lot off people all around the world will love to get some more instruction off u guys, because your calling yourself awesome, your balance skills are insane, and your riding is next level…. maybe a party with justin beiber in the main act? perfect plan for a camp……..

  32. Chris Says:

    I never liked Breddas style, but this edit was sick and the set up was dope. Their riding looks soooo much different than it did a year ago, much better and cleaner. It was their rail riding I never liked, but now I think its pretty legit.. and thier kicker hits looked stylish too, the double grabs were tight. I’m impressed and see no need to call the dudes a bunch of fags, good stuff guys!


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