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Last winter the Breddas crew went to Thailand for some filming for two months. Jeremia Hoppe, the youngest brother, had an injured knee so Mattias and Benjamin Hoppe went “solo” on this one. This time they focused more on style instead of the “hectic landing new tricks competition”.
They wanted to have some rail hits in this video but the obstacle they were working on for 5 months didn’t finish in time. They do love rails!

RIDERS: Benjamin Hoppe and Mattias Hoppe with guest apperences by Dominik Guhrs and Lior Sofer

Edit: Filip Snabb

Filming: Andreas Fernbrant

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8 Responses to “BREDDAS – We Love Wakeboarding”

  1. hehe arright Says:

    That is the best shit i have ever seen!! thank you breddas!!

  2. doggy style brian Says:

    damn fun. enjoyed it

  3. J.b. ONeill Says:

    Some of the best riding I have ever seen! The Breddas are some of the nicest dudes I have ever met! This is definitely the direction wakeboarding should be headed!

  4. Actually Jeff Says:

    What’s that second song?

  5. Nate Says:


  6. r Says:

    Sick riding, with tons of tweaks. Breddas are some of the best, but some will give them crap for the tindy and tailfishes.

  7. Jojo Says:

    Probably best kicker video ever .

    When you think that these guys don’t make it in semis in shitty IWWF contests, you know something goes wrong ….

  8. Francis Parkinson Says:

    83 ft 2 towers? If you havnt noticed a lot of it is filmed at Black Mountain, Hua Hin. A fullsize cable with standard rixen kickers. Get your facts straight!


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