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Go for a shred with Brian Grubb behind the all new Malibu Wakesetter 24 MXZ with Surf Gate. With a swipe of a finger you change the side of the wake your surfing with the new Surf Gate. No longer have to stop and change the weight in your boat.

11 Responses to “Brian Grubb Wakesurf Session Behind Malibu 24 MXZ with Surf Gate”

  1. Novapull Says:

    Has anyone actually tried Surf Gate who is’t being paid by Malibu? If so how is the wave?

  2. benj Says:

    @Novapull… Hey man I tried it. Im not really into wakesurfing, but honestly, it is extremely fun. It takes a few tries to get the transfers. They arent as easy as they look. But it is really fun and the Surfgate seriously makes wakesurfing so much quicker and effortless

  3. John Says:

    I tried it at our local dealer. You still have to fill ALL the ballast … and then think about it.. its just making your engine work super hard. It was an ok wave but it KILLS your gas.

  4. Jamie Graff Says:

    I have ridden it and its phenomenal! Sure you still have to weight your boat but the beautiful thing is you can weight the boat evenly like you wakeboard. So you can go between wakeboarding to wakesurfing without draining and refilling ballast. Also, the boat rides completely level and people can sit wherever they want and the driver can see while driving. The ability to transfer is a ton of fun and super easy to learn. If I had the money I would buy one but not rolling that heavy!

  5. Andrew Lajd Says:

    looks small. The Nautique surf wake is so big you couldn’t dream of transferring from side to side.

  6. Brian Says:

    Wow, the comment about how much fuel this burns is just about the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever heard. Sure it burns fuel but, think about it…. If you are surfing behind ANY boat, you are BURNING alot of FUEL! This surf gate is the biggest thing since cruise control, to alot of people. This SAVES you so much time on the water!!!! You can go toe side to heel side in seconds!! Wakeboard to surf in seconds!! Think about that!! As far as size goes… Fill this thing up with just as much weight as any other surf boat and this thing is huge! —Maximizes your time on the water!! This thing is so convenient.

  7. Alan Says:

    Okay concerning fuel… yes you will burn more fuel in that boat than a boat than needs half the weight. And every new boat now you can go from wakesurfing to wakeboarding in seconds. Every boat now is coming with touch screen control to fill and empty ballast in seconds. By the time the wakesurfer is done surfing, gets in the boat, changes the rope out and puts his board on the automatic ballast will be ready to go for the wakeboarder… so “surfgate” isn’t selling me in that regard. As far as “transferring” who cares? no one wants to surf heel side… I haven’t seen in big moves being made heel side behind boat or at the beach… Tige with Convex V hull and Taps you will burn less fuel and depending on the amount of weight you have and passengers you can change the length and push of the wave on the fly. No other boat can do that. Anyone looking to surf and is going to be making an investment that large give a Tige a ride and then make your decision. Surf gate is another Malibu gimmick just like the “Wedge”…

  8. Novapull Says:

    I have a Moomba lsv and we have an automatic tank in the front and use manual fat sacks for the back corners (wakeboarding) and sometimes one along the side for surfing (when there is less ppl in the boat). I agree that the automatic ballast systems in the new boats would be super convenient. I do notice that we burn through gas faster when surfing but that’s the nature of the beast. One nice thing about the Moomba is it runs regular gas instead of premium. But it has been my experience that regardless of the setup people still like to use extra fat sacks/ppl to move the wave around. So there is always a manual element to surfing/wakeboarding. Just look at every good armature to pro level rider in the videos, they always have a big fat sack or two in the front of their boats to help the boat plane (sometimes they snap on the front cover to hide it eg Xstar, Malibu G23). It would be nice if the surfgate could make a big enough wave instead of/without the ballast weight. As for the Malibu “wedge” omg it shapes one of the best shaped wakeboarding wakes i have ever seen! I always heard the Malibu had reliability issues which has always kept me away.

  9. Brian Says:

    I guess Alan thinks everyone surfs facing the same way, last I checked people surf facing different ways…. And I guess ballast tanks fill and drain in seconds?…. Yeah right, time it! Like the post above, the malibu “wedge” does throw one of the nicest shaped wakes in the world. There is a reason the wedge is one of the most talked about deals in the wakeboard world right now. It’s not a “gimmick”. And the surf gate is BY FAR the fastest most convenient thing out there right now. I can switch the wake side to side in seconds to accommodate my buddies riding styles. And I don’t know about you, but when daylight is limited, my buddies and I are bookin’ to swap people out of the water. With this I don’t have to sit and wait for ballast to fill and drain! This is Malibu progressing!!! Of course there are haters, but you’ll have that with anything. If you are looking to buy a boat there are really only three players in today’s game: Malibu, Mastercraft, Nautique. In this day and age, brands are going to fall and new ones will emerge. The top three dogs I just listed are where I’m stickin’. People are so naive to think this thing is a “gimmick”. Grow up and accept the fact that this is some sick sh!t! Way to go Malibu!

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