The BROstock charity golf event at the Tan-Tar-A golf resort went off without a hitch this year. Actually, that’s a huge lie. There were hitches all over the place as most people attending were either terrible at golf to begin with, or had too much beer to retain their skills. Probably both. For a golf event there wasn’t too much golfing going on, and that’s just the way we like it. With all nine holes being hosted by sponsors of BROstock, those who signed up for the charity event to play with a pro rider had a golfing experience they won’t soon forget. From pool parties at the Spy hole to the frat-tastic hazing of the Alliance hole, the event was much more Caddyshack than Legend of Bagger Vance. Have you ever been paddled while trying to tee off after shotgunning a tall boy PBR and getting screamed at by Bob Soven? Then you might want to sign up for next year’s event.
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