How many people do you know from Vermont? One? Maybe two? And of those people, how many of them have you ever heard say anything? Vermont people don't talk for the most part, so it's a mystery how Brooke Geery got so outspoken. Our on-line wakeskating magazine editor first garnered world-wide acclaim in her teens, when she started a snowboarding website called (If you've never been, go, it's amazing.) One of the best things about yobeat was the photo gallery of pros and celebrities holding Brooke's stickers or handmade “yobeatâ€? signs up for the camera. In all those years, Brooke reports (with melancholy) only two people ever turned her down – Pamela Anderson and Fidel Castro. Pretty impressive. The other great thing about yobeat is all the kids they've put through college. In fact, Brooke was so charitable with the money that she never kept any for herself and would often call Alliance begging for a plane ticket to Orlando so she could meet Zane Schwenk, Darin Shapiro or Froggy Soven at a Pro Tour stop. The story has a happy ending — Yobeat is now a publicly traded company, affording Brooke the freedom to do her Alliance work almost for free. Recently, she spent $50 on a cab ride, an unheard of extravagance for a Vermontian (Vermontite? Vermontonian?). Whatever, Brooke is ballin' these days.