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BROstock Caption Contest Giveaway! Login under your Facebook name (so we know you’re real and can pick a real winner) and enter your best caption for this photo of Shane “Danger” Bonifay at BROstock 2012 at Lake of the Brozarks. Best caption wins this awesome bro’d out package of official BROstock 2013 gear. That’s right, all you have to do is come up with the best caption for this photo, and you can win. Start typing…



183 Responses to “BROstock Caption Contest”

  1. Robert Williams Says:

    If I told you it was my birthday could I have some of that cake?

  2. Richie David Says:

    I’d hit that….rail.

  3. zach jurgill Says:

    wakeboarding is not going to happen with this at the pool

  4. Jamie Segner Says:


  5. Bjorn Says:

    Wakeboarding’s not a sport for pussies.

  6. Diego Desmidt Says:

    Shane is ready to shred the pool!

  7. Marco Says:

    I’m as hard as this pole i’m sitting on

  8. James Hood Says:

    I was thinking tow rope but this assqWAKE will do just fine

  9. Stacey Says:

    I really hope I don’t have to pee anytime soon

  10. ANDY STANCIC Says:

    liqour? I JUST MET ER?!

  11. Hugh Johnson Says:

    Shane: “Who farted?” Girl: “ME!”

  12. Tyler Speed Says:

    Man I really wish bob soven were here so they would turn around…he’s famous.

  13. Caleb fauntleroy Says:

    now its a party

  14. Alex Dickinson Says:

    I wonder if she can grind this rail too…

  15. Suzuki Says:

    Bitches comeee!

  16. Alex Dickinson Says:

    Shane always ends up buttchecking

  17. Andrew Torres Says:

    Is this a rail, or am I Just happy to see you Ladies…

  18. Josh Neumann Says:

    Look at all this ballast!!!

  19. Michael DePalma Says:

    1) This rail has the softest landing Ive ever seen!

    2) I’m just gonna stare, bitches love when Danger stares!

    3) Id come in ladies, but I just ate 5minutes ago…

    4) Girls: Shane, is that a pole in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
    Shane: Shane very happy…

    5) Liquid courage setting in, in 3, 2, 1!

  20. andrew Says:

    frontside nut slide to backside blondie!

  21. Marcus Meade Says:

    it may not be digorno, but i could definitely go for a pizza dat sweet a$$

  22. Marcus Meade Says:

    Girl, you got that Django booty, Cuz that shit is off the CHAIN!

  23. Rebecca Alford Says:

    Hey Ladies this pole isn’t the only thing that is long and hard.

  24. Jeff Stoike Says:

    yo BROS…I don’t trust chicks who wear shirts in the pool. only fat people do shit like that.

  25. Adam Sohns Says:

    End Table Ass
    (definition) “I set my drink down on Donna’s End Table Ass while I climbed into the pool”

  26. Dustin Says:

    I believe they call this the Backside Raley ;)

  27. Michael DePalma Says:

    if I ride this pole, its gonna be “Right into her Danger Zone”

  28. Nick Schrein Says:

    That’s what I love about Monster girls. I get older, and they just stay the same age.

  29. Michael DePalma Says:

    SHANE’S THOUGHTS: Girls get wet for Shane. Shane doesn’t get wet for girl.

  30. Alastair Carlow Says:

    3ft 6inchs only BRO…. it says so on the sign…. Loving the guy flexing in the background “Nailed it!!”

  31. Cameron B Says:

    Na BRO I don’t play in Chlorine.

  32. Rich Valha Says:

    “Do you guys know Parks Bonifay?, I’m his little brother”

  33. Nik Breitkreuz Says:

    Shane: thinks to him self ” man i love my job”

  34. Randy Baucom Says:

    Anyone have syrup for that pancake booty?

  35. Daniel burmann Says:

    Hey ladies… You wanna see my sweet moves??? Come get on my boat

  36. jesse marr Says:


  37. katie Abott Says:

    this backside raley is steezy (:

  38. Ted Dickman Says:

    All i see is green

  39. BeGlAn Says:

    damn it where the hell is my board ? Maybe right….here

  40. Chase Vlahovic Says:

    Shit on my tits!

  41. Raff Sencion Says:

    All aboard the Shane train

  42. Brandon Sparks Says:

    There’s many fish in the sea , but until I catch one im just stuck here just holding my rod

  43. Tyler W Says:

    “Life of a Wakeboarder”

  44. Dw Houston Says:

    Ladies in white shirts… in a pool… sounds like the most excellent pool party

  45. rayfink Says:

    is monster paying you to enjoy yourself. or are you usually attracted to dudes that are shorter then you?

  46. JP Says:

    a rail with a perfect bonk at the end.

  47. JP Says:

    One things for sure: a soft landing, no matter what he lands on.

  48. Johnnie Paul Says:

    a rail with a perfect bonk at the end.

    One things for sure: a soft landing, no matter what he lands on.

  49. Greg Says:

    Why is Jimmy wearing a bikini?

  50. Greg Says:

    Is that Jimmy LaRiche

  51. Ty grofos Says:

    Dam bro if I didn’t have the shoes on … know Ide be dwn ther…

  52. AuzzziePhresh Says:

    Ladies! Who wants to go back to my room… and get Bonifayded?

  53. Ben Says:

    Look at alll that ass!

  54. Ben Says:

    Shane Bonifay … The new Hugh Heffner !

  55. Ben Says:

    These are my wakeboarding playgirl bunnies ;)

  56. Ben Says:

    Let me just squeeze in between you two fine ladies (;

  57. Ben Blakesberg Says:

    Look at alll that ass!
    Let me just squeeze in between you two fine ladies (;
    These are my wakeboarding playgirl bunnies
    Shane Bonifay … The new Hugh Heffner !
    This is my wakeboarding mansion. Fully equipped with fine girls(;

  58. Bravoure Says:

    Shane:So i’m the brother of Park….
    Girl :OH wan’t to play
    Shane : HELL YEAH !

  59. Ryan Says:

    If I get in, I will not be able to get out…at least with my dignity

  60. Ryder Smith Says:

    Butters and Babes for Breakfast!

  61. Ryder Smith Says:

    Possible revision to my previous post…
    “So you wanna become a pro? This is how Mr. Danger starts out his day: Poolside Butters and Babes for breakfast”

  62. Steve Says:

    Now bend all the way over

  63. Bobby Says:

    How about you…me.. her and a cardboard cut out of Bob Soven..?

  64. Jordan Lilley Says:

    Women, Rail. It got dangerous all over it

  65. Taylor Vink Says:

    Those shorts would look great on my floor!

  66. Ramsey Says:

    Everyone line up so I can get to the other side to get another beer.

  67. Joseph Adams Says:

    Who said you can’t have fun with just a GED.

  68. Francis Sy Says:

    do it bro! your balls may hurt, but blondie can play nurse!

  69. Cassie Molinari Says:

    I’m thinkin a Danger sandwich with the fun bag twins……

  70. jamison Says:

    down and to the left

  71. Jack Schoepp Says:

    29 minutes left til I can get in and party.… man I shouldn’t have ate that donut!!

  72. Alison Smoot Says:

    Slide down pole and hit target. Can I save my drink?

  73. Johnny Lopez Says:

    Youd a fiine young thang now back that ass up!!

  74. Jeremy Gage Says:

    common Shane!!!! you ride one more rail and she’ll ride the rest for you!

  75. Johnny Lopez Says:

    You a fine young thang now back dat ass up!

  76. Dylan Jackson Says:

    and the good lord said let there be big booty ladies…and there was….and it was gooooood

  77. Kynan French Says:

    “I think this is the only time I don’t need a board to impress the women, just sit on the rail and enjoy the view”

  78. Kynan French Says:

    “They call me danger for a reason”

  79. Gabe Says:

    That will happen at your bigger shows.

  80. Louis Hill Says:

    new from Shane Bonifay’s Liquid Force lineup
    the penis rail, entice women with your size or your skill on it with your wakeboard.
    easy connection to your scrotum, and easy set up for a quick rail session.
    as you can see, it works well Shane “Danger” Bonifay.

  81. Cullen Holm Says:

    why haven’t they noticed me yet? I was in Defy!! #PourMeOneMore

  82. Thomas Haggan Says:

    Look out ladies I’m about to pull off a sweet trick off this rail!

  83. Julian Toma Says:

    should’ve brought my other shoes..

  84. Lucas Bernstein Says:

    If I was a pool rail would you grab me?

  85. Brett Mestemaker Says:

    Where’s my board? I’m going to grind on this… rail.

  86. Aaron Mestemaker Says:

    Ahh, there’s the kicker.

  87. Asiah Derebery Says:

    Sack tap to ass clap

  88. Asiah Derebery Says:

    Long hair don’t care

  89. Asiah Derebery Says:

    The sack tap is the only “dangerous” part of this. Lets hope that blonde doesn’t throw a tantrum…

  90. Milan Says:


  91. Adam Skalleberg Says:

    Mommmmm!!! I forgot sunscreen…

  92. Adam Skalleberg Says:

    Someone hold my drink while I take my shoes off.

  93. Adam Skalleberg Says:

    I’d double back roll that

  94. Adam Skalleberg Says:

    That waterfall is pretty!

  95. oleg Says:

    Lipslide to Inside

  96. Gustavo Topete Says:

    The girls think im staring at them but im really staring at you sexy (guy with his arms crossed)

  97. oleg Says:

    whatch out for Mr. Iron Bonerfay

  98. Drew M Says:

    “back that ass up like a dump truck”

  99. Stefano Says:


  100. Dustin Says:

    I like turtles!

  101. will minton Says:

    cant decide what to grind…

  103. Lisa Sheldon Says:

    They were right. Lake of the Brozarks does have an amazing view!

  104. Sebastian Wilkinson Says:

    This could turn out great or really hurt

  105. Pam Flynn Says:

    Uh…which way do I go? Which way do I go???

  106. Ben B Says:

    Bro’s.. Welcome to paradise!

  107. phillip shvartsman Says:

    Well all of them can clearly grind this rail, now it’s my turn

  108. Craig Pentz Says:

    They may call me ‘Danger,” but those shorts are truly a danger to us all

  109. Logan Patrick Snow Says:

    May be learning to swim isnt such a bad idea now

  110. Tibor Cseh Says:

    That pool is very dangerous for theese asses! :D

  111. Mary Zelli Says:

    Now we’re talking about a great butts eye view!!!

  112. Stefan Petrovski Says:

    Not really sure what to grind :3
    Well its gonna’ be a soft landing

  113. michael Says:

    that not a rail between my legs baby

  114. Sawyer Tolison Says:

    because going in the pool without shoes on is to mainstream

  115. Patrick Says:

    now we just need some drinks, dj and more girls :) PARTY!!!!!!!!

  116. Karla Jensen Says:

    “ok, but can I leave my shoes & hat on?”

  117. David Lau Says:

    bros keep their shoes on

  118. Dale Fish Says:

    No BROstock shades,NO action!

  119. Martin Sjoner Says:

    Ho’s for bro’s!

  120. Maxime Marcellin Says:

    Aww BRO, can you see that ass, can you see that pool, can you see how it is cool to be out there ?

  121. Giovanni Rivera Says:

    Enjoy every moment of your life, as a great man, as a king of wake!

  123. Felix Jedelhauser Says:

    Bro’stock hoes! :D

  124. Devin Martin Says:

    “Two at once and a mini rail, challenge accepted!”

  125. luke reidy Says:


  126. Adam Polley Says:

    “Boobytrap backwards is Partyboob, who say’s I’m not an intellectual?”

  127. xristos trakas Says:

    just enjoying my JUICE!!!

  128. James Freitas Says:

    I’m gunna lay a smackdown on dat candy @$$

  129. Curtis Devries Says:

    The chicks want some of this Danger in their lives

  130. michael kay Says:

    It is literally my birthday tomorrow and im going wakeboarding
    12 may :D

  131. Oliver Nilsson Says:

    Oh hi girls wanna grind my rail ?

  132. darci Says:

    kick those dudes out of the pool, they aren’t rocking the BROlid and the BROtitude…yah baby you know you that’s how I roll.

  133. Michael harms Says:

    The girl to guy ratio isn’t looking good BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GO PAIL RIDER :/

  134. Lisa Spieth Says:

    No shirt. No shoes. No Brostock.

  135. Sean Tarka Says:

    Hey ladies I can ride with no hands!

  136. Sean Tarka Says:

    Hey ladies I ride for MONSTER!!

  137. Sean Tarka Says:

    Hey I’ve done my share of pole riding today. Any of you ladies want free lessons?

  138. conrado Says:

    Keep calm and fuck them all!

  139. Max Says:

    Target locked

  140. Eric Kramer Says:

    So, do you like my rail?

  141. Jeri E. Says:

    This is the big slide?!? Wonder what the one for kids looks like???

  142. j. mcnamara Says:

    Sweat bookends, Wish i could read!!!

  143. Hunter Says:

    Caption, why bother? White shirts and tight shorts.

  144. Martin Hristov Says:

    Ini mini miny moe who will be the first to go?!

  145. Garey Fleeman Says:

    Do you ladies want to party?
    Okay, I just ate so I have to wait an hour, but then it’s on!

  146. Lisa Shuck Says:

    3, 2, 1……Blast Off!

  147. Phil Says:

    Stay Cool. Stay Fueled!

  148. Mark Acevedo Says:

    No worries bros, I come bearing gifts.

  149. Alex Carpenter Says:

    Slide down the rail they said, It will be fun they said.

  150. Taylor Durand Says:

    I guess we’ll find out if piss really does turn blue in the pool

  151. oskar Marin Says:

    the best places are not only in your mind… enjoy them

  152. christoforos kontaxakis Says:

    i would grind that…….rail

  153. david newbrough Says:

    “prepare your anus!”

  154. Carlos Says:

    DAT RAIL!!!!

  155. Ian Bacamante Says:

    It’s time to GRIND the rail, swimming pool style!

  156. Racer ready Says:

    Pool is full of WAKE broads,,,time to grab some rail and get sum tai…

  157. Kelken Huebner Says:

    Easy boys, she’s got a gun.

  158. justin wilcox Says:

    What really. Happens At A Mtv summer break Party. When. People Start Being Real. Monster. Gasm Orgy Party. Nothing But A G-string Thang. party.

  159. Lucas Says:

    I don’t know, I might spill my drink.

  160. colton wood Says:

    Man, I cant get these shoes wet.

  161. haym Says:

    As shane walk up to the edge of the pool and sihaymts on the rail to enjoy and nice sunny day he notices dat those gurls got sme fine asses ;-)

  162. haym Says:

    As shane walks up to the the edge of the pool to enjoy the weather and the girls he dips his head when he sea that the pool Is only 3ft 6″.

    Shane: ‘as a wise man once said…YOLO

  163. Mateusz Says:

    Shane: ‘ I would like to swim, but mom said i`m drunk

  164. Wim de Kok Says:

    Damn bro that is no boardshort

  165. Lola Viersé Says:

    “Dose Asses”

  166. Jeremy Says:

    I told you not to put them in the water!

  167. jimi Says:

    1. i want to swim but first i must pass these asses.
    2. saving this moment for the fap bank.
    3. id come in but i don’t wanna get my swim suit wet.
    4. maybe i should get some cake, bitches love cake!
    5. any of you nice ladies seen my board around here?
    6. hmm ill be right back

  168. Scott Says:

    I know if I drink this whole tasty beverage I could leap over the blonde without kicking her in the head.

  169. Shawn Zwak Says:

    That guy on the right, yea, a dentist, now we know what he didn’t recommend what the other 4 out of 5 dentists did

  170. Sean Snyder Says:

    All I Need Are Tasty Waves, Cool Buds and im Fine….

  171. Dustin Dronet Says:

    I got the Pole Position in this race.

  172. Brian F Says:

    hey ladies want to learn how to railslide?

    Want to grind my rail?

    Love to get my motorboat on after hitting this rail.

    I can teach you how to hit that.

    I’ll hit that rail.

  173. Kyle M Says:

    Sorry Danger, you must be at least this tall to ride.

  174. Allen Klote Says:

    Ladies- Take a Number Please..

  175. Alex Payne Says:

    Dayum… and I nearly went to school today.

  176. Ryan thiessen Says:

    Balls blown back

  177. david newbrough Says:

    it’s been over 4 hours, maybe i should call a doctor.

  178. Aaron Sehnert Says:

    Ehhem ladies… pro wakeboarder over here!

  179. Matty Law Says:

    All the chicks and dudes saw the shadow he cast and went wild. just couldnt contain themselves. What a rail, Bro! Peace

  180. David Di Donato Says:

    This is Danger, a species of the Bro family known for his bizarre mating rituals, stalking a new mate.

  181. Andrew D. Says:

    break out the winch!!

  182. George Says:

    ‘I don’t wanna get my vans wet’

  183. George Says:

    ‘ I’m still puzzled whether my shoes are flip flops.’


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