Sea-Doo 215


Washington, DC, September 2, 2009 – For 2010, BRP is expanding the availability of its award-winning iControl system, the world’s most advanced PWC technology, to the entire Sea-Doo GTX and RXT line-ups and to the WAKE PRO 215 model. The iControl system features the industry’s only on-water braking system, Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR).

According to Captain Mark Rizzo, chief of the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety, BRP earned the Boating Safety Innovation Award because: “The braking capability of this new design is not just an evolutionary improvement but a revolutionary improvement to the safety of these vessels”.

All Sea-Doo GTX, RXT and WAKE PRO 215 watercraft also offer BRP’s exclusive S3 hull for 2010. Meanwhile, the 2010 GTX 215 iS model benefits from Intelligent Suspension (iSTM), the world’s first and only on-water suspension system, also found on 2010 GTX Limited iS 260 and RXT iS 260 models.

iControl, iBR, iS and the S3 hull premiered to wide acclaimed last season when Sea-Doo watercraft earned international recognition, including: Watercraft of the Year, Red Dot Design Award, NNMA Innovation Award, Best of 2009, Best Power Yacht in the Middle East and Best New Product.

To build on its unmatched performance legacy for 2010, BRP boosts the power to 260 hp on its 2010 Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS 260, RXT iS 260 and RXT-X 260* models. With the best power to weight ratio of any watercraft, this power boost ensures the 2010 RXT-X 260 remains the quickest and fastest accelerating PWC on the water while delivering the best fuel economy in its class. Meanwhile, BRP introduces the all-new, customizable X-Steering with A.E.S.
(Adjustable Ergonomic Steering) and performance-monitoring X-Gauge to its race-inspired 2010 RXT-X model. The Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 215 watercraft, the only PWC specifically designed for tow sports, makes every operator an expert with its exclusive new Ski Mode which delivers a perfect launch and cruise speed every time (see technology backgrounder for details).

“Sea-Doo is # 1 overall in the world in sales, market share, performance and innovation. By expanding our breakthrough iControl technology to many more models for 2010, BRP is defining a Sea-Doo future for personal watercraft, making other PWC obsolete,” said Roch Lambert, vice-president – general manager, North American Sales & Marketing Ski-Doo/Sea-Doo/Evinrude division.

“For over twenty years, BRP has been committed to provide Sea-Doo PWC riders paradigm shifting innovations that have transformed good days, into great days” said Chris Dawson, vice-president – general manager, International division. “The revolutionary iControl technology was launched to worldwide acclaim in 2009. The expanded use of this innovative technology in our 2010 line-up confirms BRP’s status as the industry leader”.

iCONTROL ON 2010 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED iS 260, GTX iS 215, GTX 155, RXT-X 260, RXT iS 260, RXT 215 AND WAKE PRO 215

iControl is the world’s most advanced watercraft technology that seamlessly integrates a host of new features and benefits such as Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) and iBR to give the rider more control than ever before (see technology backgrounder for details).

Exclusive standard features enabled by iControl and found only on these 2010 models include:
• New sport/touring mode so operators can choose between sport for instant throttle response or touring for progressive throttle response;
• On-water braking for on-demand stopping in half the distance of a conventional PWC;
• Start in neutral to prevent the PWC from moving on start up, especially important for docking and manoeuvring in close quarters;
• Cruise control to set and maintain a constant speed;
• Slow speed mode for the ability to adjust and set idle speed from 0 to 7 mph (0 to 10 km/h);
• Learning Key that the owner can program to limit the speed and control the amount of acceleration, while also reducing fuel consumption.

iS ON 2010 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED iS 260, GTX iS 215 AND RXT iS 260

With the first and only full marine suspension, Sea-Doo delivers the smoothest ride on the water. With six inches (15 cm) of travel, the iS suspension supports the full rider environment so the operator can stay seated while the impact from waves is absorbed by the suspension. The iS suspension comes with factory set calibrations and is totally adjustable on the fly to adapt for personal preference and changing conditions (see technology backgrounder for details).

S3 HULL ON 2010 SEA-DOO GTX LIMITED iS 260, GTX iS 215, GTX 155, RXT-X 260, RXT iS 260, RXT 215 AND WAKE PRO 215

The PWC industry’s only stepped hull provides more peace of mind, comfort and ease of use with precise, tuneable handling, a smoother, more stable ride and effortless tight cornering.  The stepped feature keeps the PWC glued to the water so the pump stays hooked up, delivering maximum performance while the lighter weight design provides the best power to weight ratio (see technology backgrounder for details).


BRP’s 2010 Sea-Doo watercraft continue to be powered exclusively by proven Rotax 4-TEC engines, designed and provide a decade of fun that only Sea-Doo watercraft can deliver. As the first manufacturer to provide these advanced engine technology benefits. Sea-Doo watercraft today are 70% quieter and 90% cleaner than pre-1998 PWC, plus they lead the industry in performance and fuel efficiency. All 2010 BRP Sea-Doo models also meet the California Air
Resources Board (CARB) 3-star rating for ultra-low emissions, while meeting European Community (EC) rules for low noise.

BRP’s 2010 Sea-Doo line-up is the most complete in the industry with a model for every customer need (see the backgrounders for complete model and technical details).

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* Available for international as Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS model.

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