March 26th, 2013 by Submitted

This is a teaser for the long awaited bi-level at BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas. Full edit coming soon.
Riders in order of appearance:
Anthony Ruch
Tom Fooshee
Graeme Burress

Filmed and Edited:
Jamie Allender/ Matic Media

13 Responses to “BSR’s new Bi-Level Park”

  1. too cool 4 school Says:

    wakeboarders trying to be wakeskaters kinda reminds me of roller bladers trying to be skateboarders

  2. Joey Martin Says:

    THIS GUY… ^ haha douche

    Wakeboarders pushing the sport kinda reminds me of why idiots like you don’t know what your talking about.

  3. J.B. O'Neill Says:

    So sick guys! cant wait to come shred this!

  4. Bill Brasky Says:

    Looks like a stop on last years Wakeskate Tour. Nothing new here…Move along…

  5. Kyle Says:

    except no one gives a shit about wakeskating except for a few degenerate vegan hipsters

  6. tehehe Says:

    bill, your such a bill

  7. blake Says:

    ya man our shit doesn’t stink b/c we built a bi-level.. no filming

  8. cole hawkins Says:

    do yall think this thing is too big to gap down on a skate. If so why the hell bother.

  9. anthony Says:

    A bunch of weenies! That setup is awesome. Additionally, don’t you think that wakeboarders and wakeskaters can enjoy it together… I don’t know about you but i ride with a bunch of people who doing both activities… Sometimes in the same day! And we aren’t vegan or hipsters.

  10. Steven Says:

    Awesome setup! Great to see the sport progressing nicely. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!!!

    Also, as a wakeskater myself I can definitely see that this was built with wakeboarding in mind mostly. There is nothing wrong with that at all- personally I like the way wakeskating looks when hitting rails over wakeboarding but that doesn’t make wakeskating cooler. It is just my opinion.

  11. Turbo Says:

    A Wakeskater already distastered and back liped the hand rail. Wake skating it progressing as a sport. Assuming it like skateboarding that means the better riders are looking for bigger drops. It’s less than 5 feet…

  12. too cool 4 school Says:

    ^^^ drunk, retarded or both?

  13. Johnnie Says:

    Can’t wait to get there in june!!!


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