Boat show season brings the best deals of the year on Moomba boats with Pick 4 for Free incentives.

Christmas promotions are great, but everyone knows the best deals get even cooler with the weather. Wakeboard and ski boats are no exception. Moomba Boats dealers world-wide are preparing for the 2012 boat show season with the Pick 4 for Free Boat Show Promotion. There has never been a better time to invest in a value performance water sports boat than this winter. Moomba is pulling out all the stops to get you into a new 2011 or 2012 boat. Not only will you have the opportunity to buy from the 6-time Excellence in Customer Service award winner, but Moomba is allowing you to pack even more value into these boats. Pick 4 credits from a list of Moomba Boats’ most popular options without paying a dime more. Just like Moomba boat production, value and performance, Moomba Boats sales incentives are eliminating worry for 2012. Visit your local Moomba Boats dealer at a boat show near you and take advantage of the best deals of the year because the savings close with the show.

While some companies move from one promotion to the next sweetening the deal as the seasons change, Moomba Boats offers their best deals during boat show season. Rather than run the risk of negating the previous sales incentive, Moomba Boats takes the guess work out of boat shopping by drawing a road map to the best time to buy. It doesn’t get any better than this. Pick 4 for Free allows you to load up you new Moomba exactly the way you want without paying any more.

Pick 4 for Free is literally that. Pick 4 credits for Moomba’s most purchased options without adding any more to the bottom line. Each item has a credit equivalent. This promotion allows you to add four credits to your boat deal. Based on the options you choose this could mean as much as $2790.00 off the price your new 2011 or 2012 Moomba boat.

Pick 4 Credits For Free: Value Credit=?

Fixed Board Racks on Oz or V2 Towers: $425 Credit=1

Two (2) Bow Speakers wit Amp: $525 Credit=1

Digital Cruise Pro: $525 Credit=1

(Outback & Mobius Series Only)

Gelcoat Upgrade: $730 Credit=2

(Colored Deck or Hull)

Depth Finder: $295 Credit=1

Two (2) Tower Speakers with Amp: $1,050 Credit=2

Tower Bimini: $650 Credit=1

2012 Chrome/ Splatter Appearance Package: $1,875/$2,230 Credit=3

(Chrome/Splatter Graphic, Stainless Rubrail, Cleats, Gelcoat Upgrade)

Cockpit and Tonneau Covers: $750 Credit=2

Logo Cover: $560 Credit=1

Multisport Wakeplate: $925 Credit=2

(Outback Series Only)

The Pick 4 for Free Boat Show Promotion will not last long. Designed to bolster winter sales and keep production levels consistent, these boat show incentives close with your local show. Be sure to visit the Moomba Boat Show in your area to take advantage of these amazing discounts.