Mark your calendars for March 17th.  We are kicking off the 2012 season with our first annual Wake-N-Bowl.  We are having a unique competition  for riders of all levels.  Show your skills on the Wakeboard then show us how well you bowl!

4 Divisions

  • Beginner Wakeboard
  • Intermediate Wakeboard
  • Advanced Wakeboard
  • Wakeskate

Beginner WakeboardSpins: up to front side 360′s or HS backside 180s
Air Tricks/Kickers: No Air tricks, Ollie 180 and ollie 360′s ok 
Rails: Judges Discrestion
, NO Transfers or Gaps fo sure.

Intermediate WakeboardSpins: up to front side 540s or backside 360s
Air Tricks/Kickers: Basic Inverts & Raileys, no blind or full twisting tricks
Rails: Judges Discrestion. WildCard Trick Only: Advanced run restrictions (No 720’s or BS5’s)

Advanced WakeboardSpins: up to front side 540s or backside 360s. Riders will be able to throw one 720 or HS backside five in their normal run. Air Tricks/Kickers: up to Blind Landing Tricks These blind tricks are all ok, all other are not allowed: Roll2Blind, Blind Judge, Front2Blind, S2Blind, Tant2Blind, tootsie (Sbends, 90210s & whirleys are allowed but no other full twisting inverts)
 Rails: Judges Discrestion. WildCard Trick Only: No Restrictions

Each rider will get two turns.  All divisions will get a wildcard. The rider’s run will begin when he or she leaves the dock and will continue until he or she falls or the carrier reaches tower one a second time. This means the rider gets a full lap and an extra pass on the first stretch.  The rider must let go before tower one. We will go through the running order and then return to the first rider and go through the complete order a second time. If you do not fall on your second run you should hold on and do your wildcard trick, which is one trick anywhere in the course. Only do the single trick or the judges may score the wrong trick. If you fall on your second run return to the dock immediately and you will then get a third turn to perform your wildcard trick.

The same trick will not be scored twice in the same run but can be repeated in the second run since the judges will be taking the best turn not a combination of the two. The wildcard trick will be added to the riders best turn.

Score Breakdown
Wakeskate, Advanced Wakeboard: Kickers 25%, Sliders 25%, Air Tricks 30%, Composition 10%, Bowling 10%
Intermediate Wakeboard: Kickers 30%, Sliders 30%, Riding, Ollie & Air Tricks 20%, Composition 10%
, Bowling 10%
Beginner Wakeboard: Kickers 30%, Sliders 40%, Riding & Ollie Tricks 10%, Composition 10%, Bowling 10%

Entry Fee is $45.  Includes ride time pass from 11:00AM – 4:00PM, Wakeboard Comp & 2 games of bowling.

Also we are opening this weekend.  March 3rd & March 4th.