The Dockside Marine Cable Jam 2012 is back for its second year in a row and it’s going to be bigger and better!

Just like last year we will be camping the weekend at Bethy Creek Resorts starting April 13th-15th.

The competition will be held on the 14th all day long!

There will be a package deal for every team that comes which includes camping, riding on Friday and Sunday and a meal Saturday!

Entry fees will be 20 dollars per rider and then 5 dollars for each side event you want to enter.

Contest Rundown: (NO SANDBAGGING)
Registration and Warm up starting at 9am
10am – Novice (grabs, FS 180s, one 360 or invert not both, basic rail riding)
11am – Womens (Bring it anything goes for yall)
12pm – Stylish 360 comp
1pm – Intermediate (One 360, one invert and any 180)
2pm – Wakeskate Launch
3pm – Wakeskate (anything goes)
4pm – Advanced/open (Anything goes, will determine later if we are going to seperate
5pm – Best Wakeskate move
6pm – Biggest Raley off the Kicker
8pm – Awards and PARTY!!

For more info on the contest and camping contact one of us below.

Monster Energy
Direction Boards
Bethy Creek Resorts
Backside Five
Riptank Boardshop
Stamina Co.

John Phillips UTSA Wake Club –
John Goodchild SHSU Wake Club –