I’m likely dating myself here, but do you remember the movie Weird Science from the mid-80’s? In the movie two geeks (Anthony Michael Hall & friend) create the hottest girl ever (Kelly LeBrock) and bring her to life with their super powered computer and a Barbie doll while wearing bras on their heads during an electrical storm, all in an effort to make themselves cool. In general terms it works, because the guys figure out that being cool isn’t about having the hottest girl, but more about just being themselves.

Well, Adam McCall, Designer/Brand Manager/Managing Director/Rider at Axis is not a geek, but he is pretty damn good with a computer, a protractor, a telephone and every other technical device needed to design a boat. In short, Adam and his team have created an authentic new wakeboarding boat brand focused on value oriented boats that start around $39,000.

We were fortunate enough to get an invitation to get a first hand and on water introduction to the much discussed Axis 22 with Randall and the Axis crew. The weather at Lake Elsinore on Wed AM? 41 degrees and really, really foggy. Despite the weather, we felt kind of special, because as far as we know, other than Randall and the R&D crew, we were the first ones to get to actually go out on the water in one of these mystery machines. The word from the boat shows has been generally positive, but with some skepticism and “proof is in the pudding” clarifications.

Well, the proof was in the boat, and the boat is legit. As we pulled up to the ramp my first thought was, “Is that the Axis? They are not all white?” Yes, they happen come in bunch of color ways, like the red and black version that Randall selected and they look as tough as any boat on the market.

The Axis crew must have had a little something special in their machines to build a boat this good and be able to offer it for this price. Jury is out on whether the team wore bras on their heads during an electrical storm while designing the boats, but it is pretty obvious that just being themselves (wakeboarders) has helped to create a boat brand that has a lot to offer our market.

 For the video of this shoot check out – http://www.alliancewake.com/video_details.php?id=4494