Indianapolis, Ind. – The top wakeboarders from throughout the globe hit the waters of The Precedent today in northern Indianapolis to kick off the 18th annual Rockstar Energy Drink WWA Wakeboard World Championships, presented by Supra. The invitation-only pro-am event, which runs through Sunday, Aug. 21, opened with preliminary rounds for 14 of the 23 skill-level divisions competing over the course of the four-day competition.

Among the 110 amateur riders who competed in today’s opening rounds was 17-year-old Japanese native Shota Tezuka, who continued to show why he is one of the best riders in the world and why he can soon be called a world champion.

During today’s Jr. Pro Men division quarterfinals, Tezuka won his four-man heat after landing several big tricks, including a Toe-side 720, a Heel-side 720 and a Front Mobe.

“I was super nervous this morning, but it was a good nervous,” said Tezuka. “I had Tony Iacconi in front of me and Michael [Dowdy] behind me in my heat. I knew they would kill it, so that really pushed me to ride better.”

That motivation paid off for Tezuka, as his run earned a perfect score of 100 points and advanced him to the Jr. Pro Men’s division semifinals, which is scheduled for tomorrow at 4:30 p.m.

Tezuka’s run today was indicative of his overall performance in his first year on the U.S. amateur wakeboarding circuit, where he has finished in third place or better at five of six events, including two wins in those contests.

The breakout star in the Jr. Pro Men’s division grew up in Gotenba, Japan, located on the southeastern flank of Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka. Tezuka started wakeboarding eight years ago with his family and eventually started training with a coach.

“My dad and my coach taught me a lot, but now my tricks are too hard for them,” said Tezuka. “I started to watch wakeboard DVD’s and practiced the tricks I saw on a trampoline.”

Once Tezuka mastered a few technical tricks, he convinced his family to let him compete in the U.S. amateur series this year to see how he would measure up against the competition in the States.

“I wanted to ride the whole tour this year to see how I would do,” said Tezuka. “My parents were really supportive and before I knew it, I was riding in contests here.”

Tezuka did not do well at his first event, but quickly bounced back and won the following contest to become the first Japanese born rider to win a Jr. Pro Tour stop. Since then, Tezuka has earned spots on the podium of every contest and hopes to win the 2011 WWA Worlds this weekend.

“It would be awesome to win Worlds,” said Tezuka. “But I don’t want to get ahead of myself because there are a lot of good riders here.”

The Jr. Pro Men world title will be decided on Sunday, Aug. 21 at 11 a.m.

The WWA Worlds will run from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at The Precedent. The Precedent is located at 9229 Delegates Row Indianapolis, IN 46240.

The 2011 Rockstar Energy Drink WWA Wakeboard World Championships, presented by Supra is free to the public during its first two days of competition, but switches to a ticketed event beginning Saturday, Aug. 20. Tickets are available at the gate: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under).

In addition to all the action on the water — on land, the WWA Worlds features great food and music; pro athlete autograph signings; chances to win freebies; and shopping at the most cutting-edge stores for water-sports equipment including boats, wakeboards, wakeskates, sunglasses and the latest in wakeboarding and surfing fashions.

The 2011 WWA Worlds will also air on the VERSUS television network at 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

The Rockstar Energy Drink WWA Wakeboard World Championships, presented by Supra is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla., and has the support of the following sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, Supra boats, WWA, Overton’s, Indmar, Peavey, Mona Vie, Billabong, Hyperlite, CWB, Ronix, Liquid Force, Byerly, Oakley, Sayiwon’t and YOUR MOM.

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The WWA Wakeboard World Championships is the solely owned property of the World Wakeboard Association (WWA). The WWA also owns and operates the WWA Wakeboard Nationals, WWA Wakeboard World Series, WWA Wake Park World Series, WWA Wake Park Triple Crown and WWA Wake Park Nationals. With 27 affiliate countries worldwide, the WWA is the global leader in the sport of wake. The WWA is a rider-formed organization dedicated to promoting and growing wake sports worldwide. It is the leading source for riders, event organizers and competitive standards. For more information on the WWA and its events, check out


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Jr. Pro Men – Quarterfinal #1

1. Dylan Prideaux                  AUS        91.75

2. Gordon Harrison               USA        85.00

3. Kyler Green                         USA        85.00

4. Robbie McMillin                CAN       62.50


Jr. Pro Men – Quarterfinal #2

1. Kyle Evans                          USA        94.75

2. Paulie Koch                        USA        89.75

3. Parker Siegele                     USA        78.50

4. Keenan Allen                      USA        77.00


Jr. Pro Men – Quarterfinal #3

1. Joshua Twelker                USA        95.75

2. Pierce Homsey                  USA        92.00

3. Gunner Daft                        USA        75.75

4. Gus Shuler                           USA        66.00


Jr. Pro Men – Quarterfinal #4

1. Shota Tezuka                     JPN        100.00

2. Tony Iacconi                       AUS        87.00

3. Michael Dowdy                  USA        83.00

4. Joey Buss                            USA        70.00


Jr. Pro Men – Quarterfinal #5

1. Freddie Wayne                  USA        100.00

2. Robby Holihan                   USA        90.00

3. Jacob Valdez                       USA        DQ


Jr. Pro Men – Quarterfinal #6

1. Daniel Powers                   USA        100.00

2. Gunnar Shuler                  USA        87.75

3. Morgan Pedersen              USA        82.25


Jr. Men – Semifinal #1

1. Dylan Branch                    USA        61.67

2. Tyler Cockrum                 USA        50.00

3. Tim Burnier                         USA        41.67

4. Hector Miguel Morales     MEX       31.67


Jr. Men – Semifinal #2

1. Christian Primrose          CAN       63.33

2. Noah Flegel                        USA        61.67

3. Jonathan Abendroth         USA        43.33

4. Caden Welch                      USA        36.67


Jr. Men – Semifinal #3

1. Justin Lee                          USA        58.33

2. Justin Gratzfeld                CAN       55.00

3. Yangsu Kim                        ROK        41.67

4. Jordan Gensler                    USA        DQ


Jr. Boys Beginner – Semifinal #1

1. Kevin Duffy                        USA        75.00

2. Thomas Herman                USA        65.00

3. Peyton Bristow                  USA        53.33

4. Ryan O’Toole                     USA        43.33

5. Kai Stidham                         USA        30.00


Jr. Boys – Semifinal #1

1. Kade Kasey                         USA        58.33

2. Hunter Henderson            USA        51.67

3. Tyler Worrall                    USA        43.33

4. Benjamin Brown                 USA        36.67

5. Helden Hein                        USA        23.33


Boys – Semifinal #1

1. Mitch Kappler                    USA        65.00

2. Merrett Fay                        USA        45.00

3. James Loisel                        USA        38.33

4. Ben Watts                           USA        28.33


Boys – Semifinal #2

1. Arnie Watkins                  USA        80.00

2. Mac Schramm                   USA        68.33

3. Tyler Higham                      USA        56.67

4. Jamie McCauley                 USA        46.67


Boys – Semifinal #3

1. Cory Teunissen                 AUS        83.33

2. Zachary Brown                  USA        66.67

3. Landon Kasey                    USA        63.33

4. Jeongwook Kim                  ROK        58.33

5. Jorge Alberto Perez           MEX       40.00


Boys Beginner – Semifinal #1

1. Mitch Allen                        USA        56.67

2. Bryson Hancock               USA        45.00

3. Zach McCauley                 USA        43.33

4. Andy Birch                         USA        36.00

5. Michael Buss                      USA        26.67


Jr. Women – Semifinal #1

1. Tori Koch                           USA        63.33

2. Rachel Orgill                    USA        53.33

3. Delanie Parker                     USA        33.33

4. Mallorie Henry                   USA        15.00


Jr. Women – Semifinal #2

1. Gianna Dinatale                USA        66.67

2. Hannah Green                   USA        40.00

3. Roxy Toussaint                  USA        30.00

5. Katelyn Fenner                   USA        21.67


Girls – Semifinal #1

1. Shelby King                       USA        66.67

2. Larisa Morales                  MEX       58.33

3. Sofia Dinatale                     USA        40.00

4. Marla Fay                            USA        26.67


Girls – Semifinal #2

1. Taylor McCullough          USA        88.33

2. Regina Arce                       MEX       58.33

3. Catherine Hair                     USA        50.00

4. Tanisha Iaconni                 AUS        40.00


Amateur Wakeskate – Semifinal #1

1. Yukimasa Kimura            JPN        56.67

2. Jim Branton                       USA        45.00

3. Austin Polterock              USA        40.00

4. Craig Buss                           USA        30.00

5. Nathan Champeau             USA        20.00


Veterans – Semifinal #1

1. Tim Toussaint                   AUS        43.33

2. Arturo Arce                       MEX       33.33

3. Francois Morin                   CAN       28.33


Veterans – Semifinal #2

1. Matt Vermillion                USA        65.00

2. Billy Garcia                       USA        58.33

3. Michael Fay                        USA        36.67


Men’s II – Semifinal #1

1. Chad Warren                     USA        55.00

2. Shayne Dalton                   USA        41.67

3. Ryan Daley                         AUS        36.67

4. Corey Turnball                   USA        35.00


Men’s II – Semifinal #2

1. Nick Cankar                      USA        58.33

2. Nick Link                           USA        56.67

3. Yu Kabazawa                      JPN         48.33

4. Rob Corum                          USA        40.00


Masters Women – Semifinal #1

1. Joy Manning                      USA        55.00

2. Mariana Martins               USA        38.33

3. Yuriko Ishiyama               JPN        28.33


Veteran Women – Semifinal #1

1. Allison Blaha                     USA        78.33

2. Kat Laird                            USA        66.67

3. Susan Sheehan                  USA        48.33

4. Paula Fay                            USA        30.00


Amateur Women – Semifinal #1

1. Brooke Grassman            USA        68.33

2. Carolina Rodriguez          MEX       46.67

3. Anna Bielen                        AUS        35.00


Amateur Women – Semifinal #2

1. Abby Delgoffe                    USA        70.00

2. Leah Gibney                       USA        53.33

3. Jessy Devine                      USA        33.33