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The LANGENFELD OPEN presented by O’Neill is a new international contest taking place in Langenfeld, Germany. Carried out in both Pro Women and Pro Men it’s sure going to set itself apart by incorporating massive UNIT-hacks and wave-breakers to the setup.

The LANGENFELD OPEN are going to put the worlds biggest cable park back on the map of competitive wakeboarding. On May 20th 2017 some of the worlds best wakeboarders are taking it to the water to battle it out for $10.000 of prize money. Finals start at 3 p.m.

The key feature of the LANGENFELD OPEN will be the distinctive course setup. Seven sections are going to be modified with extraordinary feature-hacks and combined with wave breakers. Going down at cable 1, one run is limited to half a lap. In the “open section“, riders will be able to choose between throwing an air trick or alternatively a kicker trick.

49 men and 21 women will have the chance to compete. After the qualification the format will proceed into a head-to-head format. The super final will then go down between the top 4 riders of the day.

Chief judge will be no one less than Andy Kolb. With his many years of experience and two further judges he will ensure a fair judgment of the action on the water.

The voice of LANGENFELD OPEN will be native-born Australian Clint Liddy and local Sven Kraft. Both have a huge expertise in wakeboarding and will provide spectators with background information to the riders and their tricks.

Infamous for Langenfeld are the dock parties at cable 1. The after-show party will host none less than “Crack T“ and “Rafik“ who have both been making a name of themselves around the world. Get ready for a wild night to the sounds of Hip Hop, Dancehall and R&B.

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