Welcome to livesimple Volume I, a digital magazine created by Chris O’Shea and Brenton Priestley, two Aussie wakeboarders who, after all, live simple. Volume I, of many more to come, is about photography, art, and the lifestyles of these boys.  Check it out for a glance at what these guys do and how they make it that much more unique as freeriders in our sport.  Videographer, photographer, and creator of In-Transit, Josh Robinson grew up with the simple boys, Chriso and BP, and has captured some of Melbourne, Australia’s vastly diverse culture on film and shares it with us in this volume.

Chris O’Shea says, “I started taking photos of the travels and wakeboarding missions that we go on at the start of this year and wanted to share what we experienced with the fans. This is a lifestyle that we are grateful and fortunate enough to live. We just hope to inspire people to get out there and wakeboard for the fun of it and to travel and see the world.”

Oh yeah, heads up for a livesimple video coming out soon.

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