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FORT WORTH, TEXAS – September 29, 2009 – Already fielding one of the most talented and diverse roster of wake athletes, Monster Energy Drink continues to put their support behind some of the most unique, fun events in watersports. They have helped make the Boardshorts, Bulls and Bikini’s “Texas Style” rail jam/bull-riding extravaganza one of the most anticipated events in and around the Dallas Boat Show, they have been involved with the Pro Team Challenge since it’s inception three years ago, they are a major player at Canada’s annual Wakestock mega-party and they have been an integral part in making the Liquid Force Brostock Double-Up Contest at Lake Powell one of the most star-studded and high-paying pro events of the year. This past weekend in Fort Worth, Texas, they unleashed a little something for the sports colorful wakeskate contingent.

The Monster Energy Trinity River Round Up was the creation of Texas’ busiest winchmiester, Clint Tompkins. Always looking for a sweet new spot to ride, Tompkins found what he was looking for on the Trinity River just south of downtown Fort Worth over three gaps that seem to have been built for shredding. Originally scheduled to be the one of the main attractions at the cities annual Mayfest celebration, the entire festival was cancelled by the health department due to a local “swine flu” scare.

The wakeskate event was rescheduled for September 19th and last weekend fourteen invited pro riders arrived in North Texas for a chance to session Clint’s secret spot.  Four obstacles were constructed over the 24’ spillway; a fun box, incline rail, kicker and the Monster wall ride. It was a freeride format, pulled by a PWC and the best trick on each obstacle and over the gap would earn the rider $1000 for a total purse of $5,000.

The riders where divided into two heats and each would get two sets. Heat #1 included George Daniels, Aaron Reed, Matt Hooker, Travis Doran, Collin Gee, Andrew Pastura and James Balzer. The second heat featured Grant Roberts, Beau Parker, Charlie Hewitt, Steve Campbell, Stefan Schriewer, Dieter Humpsch and organizer Clint Tompkins. They all used the first rounds to feel things out and by the afternoon sessions, the hammers started to drop.

The event was judged by the riders so after a full day of skating, they all gathered to place their secret ballots and name their picks for best trick on each obstacle. The results where revealed later that evening at the Monster Energy after-party which took place at The Aardvark Bar and Grill – one of Fort Worth’s legendary live music and party spots.

South African, Dieter Humpsch worked the kicker all day progressing with each hit…first it was a back 180, then a back 360 and finally, the move that got him the win over Aaron Reed’s FS 360 – a clean switch TS 540 off the kicker. On the incline rail, Steve Campbell’s switch boardslide 270 out earned him $1000. Travis Doran and Andrew Pastura battled it out on the fun box but Travis blunt shuv was not enough to overcome Pastura’s 270 shuv to front board and Andrew took the win. On his first attempt at the gap, George Daniels landed a flawless frontside flip and locked up a grand. And last, but certainly not least…James Balzer and Clint Tompkins both laid out some sick tricks on the Monster Energy wall-ride but the riders thought Tomkins super clean 270 shuv front board was enough to take the win and earn him the final $1000 “Big” check.

Monster Energy’s Trinity River Round Up was unique for a couple of reasons. It was the first pro level wakeskate competition to take place over a spillway in a “natural” urban setting and the freeride format with no eliminations gave every rider an opportunity to compete from start to finish. Also, with cash offered for the “Best Trick” on each obstacle – there were five first place winners who each took home $1000 cash in addition to a custom forged TRR branding iron trophy. Initial feedback from riders, sponsor and fans has all been extremely positive and everyone is looking forward to next years event.

In addition to Monster Energy Drink, the Trinity River Round Up was made possible with support from Freeman Toyota/SCION, Woly Board Company FUEL TV, Time Warner Cable, Liquid Force Wakeboards and Signature Wakeskates. Media partners include iWAKE.com, Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, the Fort Worth Weekly and Wakeworld.com. For more information go to www.trinityriverroundup.com

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