Tigé Boats and Konvex Boats of Europe is proud to announce the Tigé Z3 is the official towboat for the European Wakeboard Tour 2012.  The Tour brings together the bestwakeboarders from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg,Germany and the UK.  The Tour is officially sanctioned by the International Waterski and Wakeboarding Federation (IWWF), which presents wakeboarders with a great opportunity to score points toward the official European rankings.

The Tour consists of four separate events for 2012:

May 13 – Grevenmacher (Luxembourg)

June 30 – July 1 – Metz (France)

August 12 – Beernem (Belgium)

September 29 – Handel (Netherlands)

Registration opens on April 1 and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Register now at www.tigetour.eu

About Tigé Boats

Tigé Boats is an independent, design-driven company, celebrating 21-years of uncompromising boat design.  Tigé produces a unique product line ranging from 20 to 24 feet in length, supporting adealer network serving 14 countries, including United States and Canada.  Want more Tigé? Get your fix at Tige.com