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Here’s a quick look into the inner workings of the Slingshot Wake factory. For more info on Slingshot and all the products they offer, check out

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7 Responses to “Building the Future with Slingshot”

  1. jk Says:

    driving down costs and more affordable my ass, it is getting ridiculous to afford a new setup nowadays, there is no telling the markup these guys have going on

  2. Jeff Says:

    ^ I agree. We are paying around $800 or more for a pro deck with boots, that is silly

  3. true Says:

    At least you get your money’s worth from Slingshot. Quality built boards and not some shitty encapsulated foam pressed by sixth graders in China. That’ll last a month. If you’re lucky.

  4. Jk Says:

    Don’t get me wrong I have been for and supported slingshot from the beginning, their boards do tend to snap after about a year of riding and I by no means abuse my boards. Slingshot is the best brand out there to me, but they are right along with everyone else’s trend for a 1000 dollar setup with I don’t see that as being justifiable by any means.

  5. dude Says:

    ^ I highly doubt you’ve “snapped” and slingshot board if it had an all wood core. The only feasible thing would be ripping a fast track…but there’s no way you snapped one in half.

  6. FlipD$K Says:

    Just bought a new 2014 reflex hope the base last longer than previously. The flex is perfect on the new decks as well

  7. jk Says:

    @dude yes I have snapped the tail almost clean off of one, the only thing holding it together was the lamination. it was a 2011 model response I believe and all it has is a wood stringer straight up the middle


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