Based on a huge increase in the number of wakeskating participants and building interest from the event sponsors, the Byerly Toe Jam is growing into a four-stop stop national wakeskate tour including four disciplines; rails, wake, cable and winch.

To help fuel the progression of the sport, a national Toe Jam Tour will run throughout the year in several regions. Wakeskaters will have the opportunity to earn an invite to the final stop which will use the format of the traditional "Byerly Toe Jam" incorporating all disciplines of wakeskating (rail, wake, winch) in addition to a new discipline of cable-riding. With the rapid growth of wakeskating at cable parks, Scott Byerly felt that it was essential to add this new aspect.

Byerly has committed to raising a minimum of $50,000 towards the growth of wakeskating to be offered throughout the year at the first Wakeskate only National Tour. There will be a $10,000 purse at each stop and another $10,000 purse for the overall.

Riders will have the opportunity to earn one of three spots available at each stop to qualify for the final event. There will be one qualifier per discipline in the rail, cable and wake categories. Each qualifier will come out of a different region and three competitors can earn their invite to the finals.

Byerly also wanted to reward past champions, so Brian Grubb, Brandon Thomas, Clint Tompkins and Aaron Reed will have a golden ticket to the "Byerly Toe Jam". He will also move forward with this system and continue to honor future Byerly Toe Jam champions to this event in the future.

The first stop will commence in Orlando at the Projects on April 19-21, 2007. This event will be a qualifier for the Rail division at the final stop. There will also be a wake division as well, but it will not be the official wake qualifier. However, riders can still earn prize money and bragging rights.

The second stop will be the cable qualifier in New Braunfels, Texas at the TSR Cable Park on June 7-9. Three competitors will qualify for September’s final in Orlando. There also may be a wake division at this event.

The third stop on July 12-14 will be at Koppert Lake in Toledo. WA and will be the wake qualifier, also awarding three spots into the final. There also will be a rail division at this event as well.

The Final stop will be billed as the "Byerly Toe Jam" and will be a head-to-head battle in Orlando on September 20-22. This event will host 16 riders, with a few wild card spots available.

Previous champions (4)
Divisional Qualifiers (9)
Wild Cards (3)

Byerly is looking forward to organizing the first ever wakeskate-specific national tour with television coverage and a respectable purse. For more information go to

Since 2004, Scott Byerly has hosted The Byerly Toe Jam, which is recognized as the premier competition arena and lifestyle event for wakeskating enthusiasts.