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Byerly Boards takes a road trip up the east coast to Jibtopia in North Carolina and Valdosta Wake Compound in Georgia. The wakeboarding was insane. Check out the jibbing madness. Featuring Brenton Priestly, Cody Hesse, Cole Vanthof, and Scott Byerly.

“System of the Universe”

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6 Responses to “Byerly Wakeboards Road Trip 2.0”

  2. wirlydick Says:

    BP for president

  3. yeaaa Says:

    so sick dudes!

  4. malababy Says:

    Cody Hesse is so sick. He’s also the cutest rider out there.

  5. massi piffaretti Says:

    this vid was f******* sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk nothing else to say

  6. Justin Harrelson Says:

    Nice flick. It has a Sidewayz feel to it.


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