With two weeks to go the points chase is heating up at Texas Ski Ranch in South Central Texas. The inaugural CableWakeboard.com National points chase has brought the Thursday Night showdown to a whole new level. Riders are training and competing harder than ever before to earn a spot in the Points Championship held here in New Braunfels, Texas October 8-10. Riders are currently competing all over the country for a spot to compete at the points championships not only as an individual but also to represent their home cable park in a team format that will take place simultaneously. While it may mean something more to Texas riders to defend their home lake advantage, teams from seven of the eight other cable parks will also be competing to take home the team championship.

In week three of five TSR was forced to deal with poor weather brought on by Hurricane Alex, but still saw a field of 46 riders for the Thursday night event. (Down from 61 the week before)  The restaurant and bar onsite at TSR are helping to build the event by bringing in a DJ and hosting beer/water pong tournaments to keep the festivities hopping throughout the evening. The riders are not the only group excited about the nationwide event, local media such as the New Braunfels Herald Zeitung and writer Chris Hoffman have embraced the series and are helping to promote wakeboarding to South Central Texas.

TSR would like tho thank the sponsors that have helped put on the weekly showdowns: MasterCraft, Liquid Force, Nike 6.0, Reef, Pro-Tec, Freestyle and Sector 9. To be part of the points championship please contact us by email: blake@cablewakeboard.com

For more information or points from all 8 parks please log onto:

Week 3 Top 10 Highlights:

10 – Tropical Storm Alex (a downgraded hurricane) slowed us down to 46 riders! Not bad between torrential downpours.
9 – Josh Rice continues to defy time and wins Pro, AGAIN! Blake Hess lands a 31-3, not bad for no practice whatsoever.
8 – Riders begin to distance themselves from the competition, until low score gets dropped it seems to be a runaway, things will change.
7 – Hunter Hansen gets his first win in Advanced Wakeboard and Beer Pong, needs wake ski for the triple crown.
6 – Ryan Koth makes his first back mobe in Wake Ski, confirms the win!
5 – Advanced is the biggest division this week, with three events we have had a different division be the fullest each week!
4 – Emmit Hall continues to dominate Int. with the best overall run: Sliders, Kickers & Air Tricks… Again!
3 – Colton Moran takes 2nd in INT because he landed a crow mobe for the first time ever but it isn’t allowed in INT. Still managed 2nd without it!
2 – Michael Simmons retakes the title in Beginner. Tyler Figol moves up the ranks with a 2nd in Wakeskate.
1 – Sandollar Cafe (formerly Coconutz) begins a after party at event conclusion with D.J. and Beer Pong! Can’t wait for next week!