We hear about Nor-Cal a lot in the wakeboarding industry — the diverse, cool places to ride, the riders who call it home and the attitude/character that comes with all of it. But, to Nor-Cal’s credit, it really does have some unique places to ride and some cool folks who live there. One of the most well-known spots in Nor-Cal is Lake McClure, where Mike Schwenne runs West Coast Camps wakeboard camp. It’s a lake in the foothills of central California (primetime territory in the gold rush days, and now primetime riding territory for water sports enthusiasists).

Recently Jeff House, Rob Jacques, Chris Craig and Kyle Hyams made the journey out to Schwenne’s summer home to hang out for a few days, ride and get the opportunity to experience the vibe that is West Coast Camps. None of the guys had ever been to Lake McClure, and Kyle had never been to California. All of the guys were stoked to get together on this unique trip. The best thing about California lakes in early September is that nobody else is around, so you usually have the water to yourself. The guys took advantage of the lack of boat traffic and some awesome riding went down, but even better, some great friendships were made. Keep your eyes open for a full story about the trip and the guys who were on it in a future issue of Alliance. For now, just enjoy these pictures.