May 22nd, 2014 by Submitted

Join Julian Cohen for a few laps at OWC in his latest edit, “Capara.” Julian is pumped to call OWC his home park and this video (filmed in just a couple days) will demonstrate why he is often considered one of the most talented and versatile cable riders in the game. Be sure to check out the insane tail front to blind he does at 1:19!! Video/edit: Tim McGee

9 Responses to ““Capara” featuring Julian Cohen”

  3. chadbro Says:

    supper stylish! is that park new looks doped out lots sick sneatures! dude bro with that guys layed back style he must be 420 blazed out dooood!

  4. John Dreiling Says:

    Yea juju!!! So creative and so much style. Best owc edit yet!

  5. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    that front to blind was so huge and steezy! Killed it!

  6. Michael Williams Says:

    Great riding but, why the shots of the cam on the board and then not have any shots from it?? haha.

  7. wirlydick Says:

    Really good stuff – its hard to keep it fresh like this with 1000 new cable edits per day on vimeo

  8. dudes Says:

    @michael williams #marketing

  9. Pete Says:

    1:12 is crazy! good work man


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