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This month’s caption contest comes courtesy of the fine folks at Polaroid. Team riders Julian Cohen and Harley Clifford had some laughs while goofing off during part of the product/marketing shoot in Orlando. We got our hands on this gem and now offer it up to you as a feast for your funny lines. In the comments section below write your best caption. We will feature the best lines and the overall winner in the August issue of Alliance. Just make sure you’re funny, or you’re not going to get some free schwag from Polaroid… And if you want a realistic chance to win it’s best if you comment under your Facebook profile so we know you’re real and can contact you if necessary.


Contest provided by Polaroid.

More info on the XS100i: The Polaroid XS100i Sports Video Camera was made to take pictures and video on-the-go. So hook it to one of several optional mounting accessories to mount it on wakeboards, surfboards, bike helmets, moving vehicles, handlebars, and more.

14 Responses to “Caption Contest – Polaroid!”

  1. Robert Williams Says:

    “Black Fish 2: Julian’s Rage”

  2. Tarek Richey Says:


  3. Pro Shop Says:

    I don’t know your instagram…but i will find you and i will creep you

  4. Ryan Petrie Says:

    We got the day off Bro!

  5. Karen Dumble Says:

    You don’t scare me!!! Stay back the toys are mine..

  6. Sam Shapiro Says:

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for sunscreen!!!

  7. Rhoemi Barber Says:

    They can wakeboard but it seems like they cant swim. Haha

  8. Yeah Says:

    “Julian, give me your best ‘I’m so glad Austin Hair isn’t here face.'”

  9. Rob Jones Says:

    Conditioner is better!

  10. Will Mayberry Says:

    Two lessons can be learned from this photo… Lesson one: Always avoid swimming in random pockets of warm water. Lesson Two: Always have your Polaroid XS100i ready for when your friend forgets lesson one. #lifelessons

  11. Rob Vilage Wagner Says:

    You want your right nipple back? Come and get it!

  12. Tracy Rhein Says:

    “Will you marry me?”

  13. Rich Walters Says:

    That face you make when the water’s too cold.

  14. Aaron Petty Says:

    Oi julian, reckon you could swallow my fist?


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