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What’s up, you e-comedians? We’ve got a new giveaway format here at Alliance and we’re going to put you to the funny bone test. Write the funniest caption in the comments section below for this tweaked out photo of Jeff McKee and you could win an awesome prize pack from the folks at Body Glove. That’s right, all you have to do is come up with something that makes us laugh at Jeff ridiculously hard and you’re gonna get some sweet shwag in the mail. The winning caption will be featured in the July issue of Alliance. If you want to win we advise that you post a comment through your Facebook profile so we have means of contacting you in case your caption is selected as the best. Get limber and good luck!

"Just be glad I'm not naked..."

“Just be glad I’m not naked…”


Contest sponsored by Body Glove, which means you could win these!

- Prime neo top

- Vapor X boardshorts

- Vapor pullover vest

12145_Prime_LA_Top_BSIL_F BodyGlove_Men_VaporX_B#7FE6 Men_Vapor_PUR_F



52 Responses to “Caption Contest”

  1. DMND Says:

    I thought Jeff’s wife gave birth to the twins…. #raddad #ambushkids

  2. Reece Jongenelis Says:

    Shrek whispers “this is my swamp” and penetrates my butt hole. “Its all Ogre now”

  3. Zach Duncan Says:

    How big is baby? Sooo BIG!

  4. Ryan Petrie Says:

    Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!

  5. Rich Valha Says:

    “I’m ready to be wiped”

  6. Jason Says:

    Bodyglove: more flexible than you wanted to see

  7. J Christopher Supertramp Says:

    You think you get a good ride behind the G23? WAIT TIL YOU RIDE BEHIND THIS!
    McKee Wake…where the back door is always open for you.

  8. lorin Fotheringham Says:

    I’m too drunk to taste this Chicken.

  9. J Christopher Supertramp Says:

    McKee Wake….where the back door is always open and the ride is always tight-COME WAKE WITH US TODAY!!

  10. Corey Says:

    Sometimes even a body glove doesn’t cover enough.

  11. J Christopher Supertramp Says:

    The NEW McKee WETSUIT by BodyGlove…with us covering your skin, you can jump right in!!! (Pooper access hole optional)

  12. Raw_B Says:

    Happy Baby. Look at the stretch in that Onsie.

  13. Joey Oddis Says:

    Well come right on in, the waters warm!

  14. Mike Gunter Says:

    “Okay…so you’ve mastered the toe side 900, but can you do this?”

  15. Dylan Justice Says:

    I searched girls in yoga pants and I got this…

  16. Alexander Smerciak Says:

    Hey dude…are you old school water skier or what?

  17. Anthony Says:

    Bodyglove, Flexible enough to T Bag your friends

  18. Aaron McKinney Says:

    Bodyglove, your full body diper, shit your pants and know will ever know

  19. Brent Adam Says:

    When I shred my wake skis, I do this trick off every jump. I call it the “Baby Wipe”

  20. The joe jones Says:

    At least he’s not still doing the skin colored wetsuit tradition. We all goto grow up sumtime!!!

  21. Joshua Hill Says:

    “Doc, The pain is just here”

  22. Clay Darcey Says:

    “Just imagine what I could do on the water”

  23. Clay Darcey Says:

    Just imagine what I could do on the water

  24. Kirby Tatum Says:

    I’m just showing all the wakeboard noobs what a wide stance looks like!

  25. David Metzger Says:

    “Good ole Jeff here loves Body Glove thiiiiiiiiiiiiissss much!… Maybe a little too much?”

  26. Paul Says:

    O.K.!! Im ready, get the lighter, and prepare yourself for the ” Methane flame…”

  27. Paul Haney Says:

    O.K. I’m ready, get the lighter and prepare yourself for the “Methane flame..”

  28. Austin Johnson Says:

    Always wanted to be a cheerleader not giving up on the dream yet!!!!!!!!! GO TEAM BODY GLOVE!!!!!!!!

  29. Scott Grant Says:

    Eat your heart out United Airlines!

  30. Kirby Tatum Says:

    Shredtown is about to Drop the Gun with more than a video.

  31. Jesse Marr Says:

    You think you know what Drop The Gun’s about? …Well, you’re in for a surprise.

  32. cstar Says:

    my body is ready

  33. Cole Says:

    I really hope I remembered to wear the suit without any hole on the bottom…

  34. Tarek Richey Says:

    I should have pooped before I got in.

  35. Hank DeVries Says:

    Prepare your anus. I win right?

  36. Drew Schmidt Says:

    Ladies and Gentleman I present to you “The Flying V Position”

  37. Hank De Vries Says:

    I’m thinking “Prepare your anus” is still looking like the winner here.

  38. Spencer Welch Says:

    Jeff McKee in preparation mode. The sport of Wakeboarding is tough on the human body especially as we get older. Proper stretching can minimize the risk of injury.

  39. Marten Meijboom Says:

    Quick! Put the fireworks in before I lose my grip!

  40. David Metzger Says:

    “Spread McgeEagle!”

  41. David Metzger Says:

    Supposed to read ” spread MckeEagle!” Lol

  42. Rich Valha Says:

    I call this one the Preparation H!

  43. case Says:

    Doubles rolls…. phef, so last year… 2014, the year of the flying V

  44. Daniel Farhood Says:

    “I call this stretch the crescent moon”

  45. dana Says:

    If a do a scorpion hand stand with my board on, will that win? OR, should I do a full on split with on foot in the binding?

  46. The joe jones Says:

    Stretching and doing your daily Mckeegal exercises is imperative to staying injury free this season.

  47. Billy McKee has better style Says:

    Roast queef stiffy?

    My first boat was a Nautique Pooper Sport?

    Indy Tantrum to behind?

    Sorry, these are all terrible.

    Spread your cheeks and lift your sack.

  48. rayfink Says:

    This just wasn’t worth it

  49. Ryan Rozier Says:

    Since Jeff’s wife won’t go down on him someone has to so Jeff has been trying a new yoga position called the “suckin it myself pose” if he can just stretch his legs behind his ears he will have mastered it.

  50. Jimmy Hats Says:

    Cough twice please!

  51. Jimmy Hats Says:

    Guess who?? Deez nuts!

  52. rayfink Says:

    please tell me its just a little rug burn doc


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