January 29th, 2013 by alliance

Its official, Phil Soven is riding for CTRL and looking great behind the boat….

We head to cable in Part 2 tomorrow and sneak in a sunset photo shoot behind the boat. Stay tuned!

24 Responses to “Catching Up With Phil Soven: Part 1”

  1. Kyle Says:

    doesn’t really make any sense unless he bought into the company, definitely didn’t look as smooth on that board as his LF. seems like a pretty poor career move

  2. Jason Kelley Says:

    4th set after probably having some time off the water on a board that isn’t like his old board…no big deal imo.

    think the whole point of this is that he will be leading the brand, known for cable on the boat side. Sounds like a opportunity you could only get at smaller company. I’m sure he will have an capital interest in some form or another now or eventually.

    I reckon he could win tour stops using most boards. And certainly adds weight to the brand from a prospective buyer point of view. If one of the tops riders is willing to put his faith in company to create his new pro model then it worth a look at.

    Question is who else will the sign (maybe next year) to push the boat brand?

  3. Ralf Hala Says:

    Good to have you on board

  5. hmm Says:

    stop cutting off his chin.

  6. hmm Says:

    other than that, great piece. well done.

  7. watson Says:

    Kyle… shut up.

  8. Charlton Says:

    Not sure what to think about that move… unless he bought into ctrl. if not he should’ve stayed with LF. Never rode a ctrl so idk, but good luck with it Phil!

  9. Kyle Says:

    Watson, I think my points were pretty valid and probably the opinion of the majority

  10. Charlton Says:

    Good for CTRL to get a top rider like phil though, should be good recognition for them

  11. Bobby Says:

    Very interesting.
    Liquid Force has picked up to much talent these days – too much $$$ to throw at riders. Time to spread the wealth around a bit.
    I bet Phil doesn’t like sharing podiums with teammates either.

  12. Justin Says:

    Good career move for sure.

  13. bill-bo-baggins Says:

    kyle…shut up, phils doin what he does best…makin straight cash homie!

  14. zzz Says:

    rider owned companies are bringing something new to the table. Look at companies such as slingshot, ronix, humanoid and the well missed company. New ideas, technology, and 100% rider feedback go into these companies. I think Phil was ready for a change and it seems that ctrl suits him.

  15. anthony Says:

    If you don’t think that was smooth then you don’t know what smooth is. Hes been a top rider for a reason. Phil has style and tech in everything he does end of story. You can talk down on him when you get your own TV show.

  16. Charlton Says:

    anybody ride ctrl? solid board?

  17. Kyle Woehler Says:

    I think it’s great that an og of the tour is switching to a new brand. Without companies like Slingshot, ctrl, etc the whole industry will get stale fast. Look at snowboarding and skating, there are quality boards being made by at least 50 companies, while wake has about 10 right now. This only helps grow the sports, and give the riders options. not to mention these smaller companies are the ones that constantly innovate. If slingshot hadn’t of come out guns blazing in 08-09, wood core, and flex boards would be years behind where they’re at now.

  18. hmm Says:

    weirdo ^

  19. corey Says:

    smooth as ever kyle you crazy!

  20. corey Says:

    smooth as ever kyle you crazy! he looks like he has more style riding on the RX

  21. watson Says:

    kyle i doubt its the opinion of the majority.. and even if it is it doesnt matter because its obviously his decision and i dont think he cares what some scrub thinks about it. its better for the entire industry that hes doing this. it gets these other not so known companies a chance to grow instead of everyone going for liquid and ronix all of the time.

  22. Ax Says:

    Wrapped tantrum to blind? That was a new one!

  23. gwest Says:

    haha the audio at the end was so intense PART 2!!!! DUNDUN TOMORROW!!! DUNDUN that board looks legit makes me wanna ride

  24. dt8 Says:

    whats the name of the song


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